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Chlorine Dioxide pushed by health official as treatment for Covid; Sex workers demand right to work; Cross-border shipments pick up

Mauro Falconí, director of the National Agency for Health Regulation, is pushing for a “quick study” of the use of Chlorine Dioxide solution (known as CDS) as a treatment for Covid-19. He says that its use in Spain, Bolivia, Germany and Brazil have shown promising results.

According to its advocates, the Chlorine Dioxide solution can be mixed safely at home.

Falconí says CDS must go through a process of investigation and verification but it must be expedited due to the spread of Covid-19.

According to the BBC, CDS, sometimes referred to as a “Miraculous Mineral Supplement,” has been promoted as a treatment for diseases ranging from malaria, to diabetes and asthma, autism and cancer. “The effectiveness of CDS has been questioned by the scientific community so we must make a review of the literature on the subject. In a milder solution, it has been added to drinking water around the world for decades and experts agree overwhelmingly about its benefits.”

Falconí added that the skepticism about CDS is partly because it cannot be manufactured profitably by the large pharmaceutical firms. “It is a solution that can be mixed easily and cheaply at home so Big Pharma has shown little interest in it and has raised claims that it is unsafe,” he said. “Based on widespread anecdotal evidence, CDS is much more effective for treating the coronavirus than hydroxychloroquine.”

Cross border transport of goods increases
More than 10,000 trucks carrying food, machinery and household goods have entered Ecuador since health emergency restrictions were imposed on March 13 and officials say shipments are increasing rapidly as restrictions are eased.

“These shipments are essential for the resumption of normal life so the increase in volume is welcomed,” the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works said in a statement. “They are also important for the economy of Ecuador since shipments are also leaving the country for Peru and Colombia.” According to the ministry, truck drivers and their assistants entering the country must undergo a Covid-19 test.

Sex workers demand clearance to resume duties
Ecuador’s Association for the Defense of Women, which represents the country’s prostitutes, marched in Quito on Monday demanding that they be allowed to return to work. Hundreds of supporters staged a sit-in in front of the presidential palace and heard speeches supporting their cause. The association says it has submitted a detailed plan to the national Emergency Operations Committee about how members will protect themselves and their customers from the Covid-19 virus and are awaiting a response.

Tourist van companies protest at Calderon
The owners and drivers of interprovincial tourist and passenger transport vans protested Wednesday, demanding that they be allowed to reopen their service. Two hundred bans and busetas circulated in the historic district Wendesday morning while leaders of the protest presented their demands to city and national officials. According to a statement, 24 operators have been arrested and their vans confiscated since June 1 as they attempted to operate without permission.

22 thoughts on “Chlorine Dioxide pushed by health official as treatment for Covid; Sex workers demand right to work; Cross-border shipments pick up

    1. It’s irresponsible for you to promote this fiction. You give people false hope. It’s cruel.

        1. But the misleading video is more than just “talking about medicine”.
          It’s true that this medicine can help with some symptoms, but this Dr. claims that it’s a “silver bullet”, leading people to believe that it’s a cure (which it clearly isn’t). He is also very evasive about how many patients he has helped.

  1. CDS is bleach. In the US, the manufacturer has been forced to stop claiming that it is medicine, because it is poison. Naturally, the manufacturer now wants to dump it in the developing world.

      1. There are all kinds of bleach and CDS is just a particularly dangerous industrial bleach when used by members of the LF for “health reasons”. It is never approved for internal use, although the LF does that all the time.

  2. Lot to work with this morning…

    When hydroxychloroquine isn’t available… chlorine dioxide solution. Sure, why not? Try it. What do ya got to lose?

    Prostitutes demanding that they be allowed to return to work. Sure, why not? Prostitutes gotta eat too ya know (pun intended).

  3. The use of CDS has not shown any positive results with regards to the virus in Germany. No serious source is advocating its use for that purpose.

    1. Whether you call it CDS or MMS, it is industrial bleach, pure and simple. If you or anyone else wants to ingest bleach, I’m fine with that as long as you give a huge dose to trump.

      1. I´m just surprised that one of the highest-ranking health officials would make such a claim. Nobody really knows what “promising results” he refers to and what the source of his information is.

  4. Fraudulent product Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), whose main active ingredient is sodium chlorite, is sometimes dangerously promoted as a cure or “healing water” for a wide variety of health conditions.[40][41]

    During the COVID-19 pandemic advocates of MMS, such as QAnon proponent Jordan Sather and Mark Grenon who are affiliated with the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, began to suggest this would treat COVID-19.[42][43] This method of treatment was mentioned by the U.S. President Trump in an April 23, 2020 briefing,[44][45][46] but soon after the CDC, scientists, and bleach companies stated that bleach is harmful to humans and should not be ingested or injected.[47][46] MSN News quoted Professor Rob Chilcott, a toxicology expert from the University of Hertfordshire, that there is no scientific evidence that bleach or disinfectants will affect viral particles, but that injecting bleach would “likely result in significant, irreversible harm and probably a very unpleasant death.”[48]

    1. No one trusts wikipedia about alternative health info. It is wildly biased and flat out wrong, mostly due to OCD Gorski moderating all alt health submissions.

  5. Dr explaining the pandemic to a coma patient who just woke up…

    Dr: “They shut down the world because of a worldwide pandemic.”

    Patient: “OMG! How many people are infected?”

    Dr : “About 11 Million.”

    Patient: “OMG! 11 million people died?”

    Dr: “No, only 500 thousand… Kind of.”

    Patient: “What do you mean ‘kind of’?”

    Dr: “Well… they keep halving the number of deaths due to double
    counting, inaccurate tests and mislabeled death certificates. Also, most
    of the people that die are elderly and dying of other things. There are
    also people who died because of incorrect ventilator use and other
    treatments because no-one really understands the virus.”

    Patient: “I don’t get it. So how many died from ONLY the virus… like literally dropped dead in the street?”

    Dr: “No-one. Only in hospitals and nursing homes”

    Patient: “I don’t get it.”

    Dr: “Neither do I, it’s a very confusing time.”

    Patient: “So they cured the other 11 million people then?”

    Dr: “No, most didn’t have any symptoms and in fact they didn’t even know they had it.”

    Patient: “I don’t get it.”

    Dr: “Neither do I.”

    Patient: “It doesn’t sound very deadly. If the other 11 million people
    didn’t have symptoms then how do they even know they had the virus?”

    Dr: “They were tested.”

    Patient: “But you just said that the tests are inaccurate.”

    Dr: “They are. No-one has isolated the virus so the tests don’t really test for that.”

    Patient: “I don’t get it.”

    Dr: “Neither do I.”

    Patient: “Ok. So when will this pandemic be over?”

    Dr: “When they develop a vaccine to stop the virus.”

    Patient: “The virus that nobody gets or dies from.”

    Dr: “Exactly.”

    Patient: “I don’t get it.”

    Dr: “Neither do I.”

    1. Your statement is very misleading
      1. many died, old and young. Some of the healthy ones with no underlying medical issues did not survive the Covid-19 virus
      2. ask the coroners…now they are saying that most of the organs are having blood clots due to Covid-19
      3. ask the hospitals…they are overrun by patients
      4. ask the morticians. They have more bodies that they have room for.

      Another false and misleading statement….
      Patient: “I don’t get it. So how many died from ONLY the virus (VERY MANY DIED)… like literally dropped dead in the street?”
      Dr: “No-one. (NOOOT TRUE THERE WERE VERY MANY DEATHS) Only in hospitals and nursing homes” (NOT TRUE)

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