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City asks expats for help to feed Cuenca’s poor

Cuenca’s municipal government is appealing to local expats to support its Municipal Food Bank project to feed the area’s poor.

To date, the project has delivered thousands of food kits as well as medicine and other critically needed supplies to poor families and individuals. The project is coordinated by the municipality’s Office of International Relations and Cooperation.

Donations can be made directly to the project’s bank account as a direct deposit from an Ecuadorian account or as a wire transfer from an overseas account. The Banco del Pacifico account number is 0745-5453, Ruc# 0160024960001. The minimum donation is $5.

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For more information, write Bill Keyes at Or, phone or WhatsApp the food bank project director, Sofia Arce, at +593 99-281-2016.

10 thoughts on “City asks expats for help to feed Cuenca’s poor

  1. If you want to reach the gringos you’ll have a lot better response with a Go Fund Me page in English.

      1. You are correct Scott. I set up a GoFundMe page for the Tarqui zoo, using my bank account in the states. Maybe you can do the same for this group…just a suggestion.

  2. my bank says a wire will not arrive until April 6. (And will charge $25 for this slow service btw.) I am very tempted to just Western Union it to Sofia Arce personally. Any opinions? She can pick it up or not.

  3. Can a cash donation be made at Banco del Pacifico account number is 0745-5453, Ruc# 0160024960001?

  4. Thanks for providing the bank information. I much prefer making direct transfers from my bank here, so that more of the money goes to the charity rather than paying fees to third party handlers. My bank charges a $0.40 fee for transfers and I am happy to pay that.

  5. John and Lucy. The problem all of us doing charity work in Ecuador is that there is no link from US to Ecuadorian accounts. For instance, for Ecuadorians, Paypal will send a cheque which could take 6 weeks to receive and then we have to wait 4 weeks for it to clear. We have a different arrangement with Paypal, because I am Canadian but we loose almost 10% on the transaction. But it is still better than the other alternatives. Gofundme and other US based organizations are even worse. If anyone wants to make a donation to the food bank, we can help facilitate it, through our donation link and we will turn the money over to the city. This food bank is really important to those in poverty at this time and we refer people to them all the time and they do assist those in need. If anyone wants us to facilitate their donation, using our donation links, or a cash donation, you can contact our coordinator, Teresa Eklund at and we would be more than happy to help this worthy cause.

  6. Jill from Paws of Hope Cuenca is brave enough risking herself to bring food to a group of homeless around 30 people, we prepared 30 soups and bread last week and will send anothe 30 soups and bread tomorrow through Jill.

    1. Jill is among the many good people here in Cuenca. She helps people and animals and has a heart of gold.

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