City blames old contractor for deterioration and damage to completed tramway

Jun 5, 2017 | 2 comments

The deterioration of completed tranvía work in Cuenca’s historic district is mostly the fault of former project manager, Consortium of the Four Rivers of Cuenca (CCRC), according to Cuenca transportation officials.

A broken traffic barrier on Gran Colombia. (El Tiempo)

Broken paving stones and traffic barriers, as well as poor construction and use of inferior materials, are the result of CCRC’s rush to meet deadlines, says Gutierrez Argudo, city’s tram coordinator. “Some of the damage and deterioration are the result of normal wear, since much of the tramway has been idle for several months,” he says.

He added that damage to traffic markers is due to drivers invading tram tracks and sidewalks and says that a campaign to educate drivers will begin several months before the tram begins operation.

CCRE walked off the job in October 2016 in a payment dispute with the city. The case is currently being mediated in a court in Chile.

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