City says tram will be rerouted outside of the historic district; pressure from property owners moves train to Av. Las Americas

Dec 28, 2014 | 0 comments

The city has agreed to the demands of the Cuenca Civic Collective to reroute the tram outside of the historic district. City transportation director Gerard Fernandez said on Saturday that the decision was made to move the tram lines north to Av. Las Amercas from the original plan to use Gran Colombia and Mariscal La Mar.chl tram otorongo

Both incoming and outgoing routes will run on Las Americas, north of the historic district

The Civic Collective, made up of property and business owners along Calle sGran Colombia and Mariscal La Mar have claimed the historic district route would hurt their businesses and cause damage to buildings. Group members have staged protest marches and posted signs on their property.

Fernandez said the decision was made to keep peace with historic district residents and with the Collective, which has threatened legal action against the current route.

Fernandez acknowledged that the move could jeopardize federal funding but said that the city has been approved to receive financing through the International Development Bank. He said that Mayor Marcelo Cabrera has been involved in talks with the Collective.

Fernandez also said that tracks would not be laid today on Av. Las Americas near Control Sur, because it is the Day of the Innocents, or Santos Inocentes, which is similar to April Fools Day in the U.S (think someone’s pulling your leg?).

Credit: Article concept courtesy of El Tiempo.



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