City targets dangerous substances in Cajas park; Pet pharmacy opens; Maintenance work closes section of Pan Am hwy.; Entrepreneur craft fairs on offer

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Viernes, 22/9/2023

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

‘Pop Up Day’, feria de iniciativas (Pop Up Day, a fair of initiatives) – The 5th “Pop Up Day” fair will be el 6, 7, & 8/10 in the Pérgola del Hotel Oro Verde with 60 entrepreneurs and brands showing their products and services in gastonomy, jewelry, textiles, crafts, children’s games, pets, and more. Admission to the fair is free and it is pet friendly with an entrance from the hotel parking lot. <That way little “Fluffy” can come with you to try on her new Barbie outfit.> The fair is directed at businesses who don’t have a physical store, with the organizers promoting the event so more people can learn about local talent. There are also workshops for yoga, painting, Aqua Zumba, and a wine and whiskey tasting <Some smooth old single malts?>.

Veterinary technician Eduardo Villamizar explains the use of medication to a pet owner at the new pet pharmacy. (El Mercurio)

Entrepreneurs interested in participating can register and get more info at ‘Pop Up Day’ social networks on Facebook and Instagram or contact WhatsApp at 099 2484 040. A stand costs $250 and vendors must have a RUCC or RIMPE.

De El Mercurio del jueves, 21/9 (1 article):
Feria artesanal en la Hacienda Bemani – The residents of the Bemani condominium are holding the 1st edition of an entrepreneur’s fair. The event will be el 23/9 from 10-18:00 in the Casa Hacienda Bemani on the vía a San Vicente de Mayancela, 2 km. from EMOV’s Centro de Revisión Técnica Vehicular. The fair will have local products for sale, food tasting, contests and prizes. Free.

Titular –

La población del país creció a menor ritmo (The country’s population grew at a slower rate) – See article in today’s (viernes) CHL for story.

Elecciones –

De El Mercurio del jueves, 21/9 (1 article):
Prohibición de financiamiento (Financing prohibition) – <A start on anti-corruption in politics.> The Ley Orgánica Electoral y de Organizaciones Políticas prohibits political organizations from receiving, either directly or indirectly, economic contributions from government businesses; contractors for public works or services that are the property of the Government; religious congregations of any denomination; natural or fictitious persons who contract with the Government; and foreign businesses, institutions or states. People not subject to these restrictions can make donations to political parties and movements. These donations must be registered and can be reviewed by the Consejo Nacional Electoral. <That should be expanded to persons who are trying to contract with the government or have had government contracts within a certain period of time. Problem is that trying to stop politicians from sucking up money is like trying to keep water from flowing downhill.>

Cuenca –

Cuenca dispone de una farmacia para mascotas (Cuenca has a pet pharmacy) – “Farmapet,” new service of Farmasol was opened ayer in the facilities of the Federación Deportiva del Azuay. This is in addition to the Hospital Municipal de la Mascota which opened el 24/8 and which offers free care and sterilizations. The pharmacy complements the services to pets at the hospital and is a place to buy medication, food and accessories at modest prices. This also helps owners who might not buy follow up medications to close the circle of care from surgeries to post operative care and medicine. The hospital and pharmacy bring accessible service to Cuenca and seek to slow the overpopulation of pets with their sterilizations. These are free to whoever does not have the economic means to pay for the surgery. For those who can pay, the pharmacy sells a sterilization kit for $8-$16 depending on the size and weight of the pet. Once this kit is purchased, the pets get a free consultation and surgery. To get an appointment, call 413 4900, ext. 1650.

De El Mercurio del jueves, 21/9 (2 articles):
Panamericana Norte cerrada por trabajos de mantenimiento (Panamericana Norte closed for maintenance work) – The Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas (MTOP) announced that the Panamericana Norte between calle Unión Soviética y el Camino a Paccha was closed the morning of el 20/9 for paving work. The closure is expected to last for a minimum of 10 days. Controlled access has been enabled for residents with the support of agents from the Empresa de Movilidad de Cuenca (EMOV EP). MTOP asked drivers to take precautions and take alternate routes – the autopista Cuenca-Azogues-Avenida del Bombero and the Camino a Llacao. The #28 bus line to Llacao will be Ucubamba-Autopista, entering the Chaullabamba bridge towards the Panamericana Norte and then up to Llacao with the same return route.

Operativos en el Cajas previenen ingreso de sustancias peligrosas (Operations in the Cajas prevent the entry of hazardous materials) – ETAPA personnel are conducting operations to prevent dangerous substances such as explosives, poisons, and contaminants from entering protected areas, and to protect water sources that provide water to Cuenca. The controls are random within the limits of the Parque Nacional Cajas and at the Quinuas, Huagrahuma and Tamarindo control points. Last weekend, ETAPA staff registered 45 trucks trying to cross the park. <Who better to prevent dangerous substances from entering water sources than the water company with a reputation to protect?>

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