Classical gas or songs of the Cholas? City gas trucks will soon be playing a new tune

Mar 16, 2017 | 0 comments

Beginning in some neighborhoods next Thursday, Cuenca’s gas trucks will replace beeps with music. The change from the staccato beeps LP gas truck drivers use to alert customers of their arrival, is mandated in Cuenca’s new noise ordinance.

Gas trucks will soon use music, not beeps.

According to municipal councilman Carlos Orellana, all gas trucks will be singing a new tune by June. “We have grown accustomed to the beeps but it disturbs many residents,” he says. “The trucks are on the streets early in the morning while many people are still asleep.”

As part of ordinance enforcement, Orellana said that city employees will be stationed in neighborhoods where the new rules are first applied. “They will have decibel meters to make sure the music is played at a suitable level and they will warn violators that they will fined if they continue to honk their horns,” said Orellano.

It will be up to gas companies and truck drivers which music they play, although the city is encouraging them to use traditional tunes of Cuenca.

Orellano said that city officials are also talking to schools and churches, asking them to turn down the volume of intercoms, sirens and bells.

The noise ordinance should be in full effect by June.


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