Cleaning graffiti is an alternative to jail; Moreno meets with Andean presidents

May 10, 2017 | 4 comments

Those arrested for drunk driving and other crimes in Cuenca may soon find themselves cleaning graffiti off city buildings instead of serving jail time.

On Tuesday, a group of men arrested for driving under the influence last weekend were put to work removing graffiti from the exterior of Benigno Malo High School on Av. Solano. “Instead of sitting in jail for five days doing nothing, they are providing service to the community,” says Adrián Castro, manager of city traffic services. “We like what we see so far and are talking to judges about expanding the program,” he said.

Cleaning grafitti at Colegio Benigno Malo. (El Tiempo)

It’s not just those arrested for drunk driving that can be put to work. Ecuadorian law allows judges to commute jail terms for a range of crimes, including domestic violence, animal cruelty, and vandalism to community service.

Moreno meets other Andean region presidents

Although he does not become president until May 24, Lenin Moreno is already busy meeting with the chief executives of other Latin American countries.

Attending the annual meeting of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) Tuesday in Lima, Moreno met with Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. On Monday, he met with his soon-to-be Colombian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos.

“I am in the early stages of formulating my foreign policy and making contact with neighbors in South America is the best place to start,” Moreno said. “We have many issues to talk about in our region and I welcome the chance to begin the discussion.”

Ecuador has assumed the presidency of CAN, which rotates among member states.

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