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Colombia insists Ecuador and Peru reopen their borders to Venezuelan refugees

The Colombian Ombudsman’s office is demanding that Ecuador and Peru relax requirements for the entry of Venezuelans into the two countries. On August 26, Ecuador began requiring passports and visas for Venezuelan citizens to enter the country, effectively blocking entry to more than 90 percent of those who want to cross the border from Colombia. Peru had established similar requirements two months earlier.

Venezuelan refugees in Colombia.

“We ask Ecuador and Peru to roll back their new requirement so that a humanitarian corridor from Colombia can open again,” Carlos Alfonso Negret, Colombia’s chief Ombudsman, said Sunday after touring the international Rumichaca bridge border crossing between Colombia and Peru. “The new rules are separating families that need to be together. We consider the rules a violation of international law and insist that they be rescinded.”

Negret claims that thousands of refugees are waiting at the Ecuadorian border to be allowed passage. “The entry documents being required by Ecuador and Peru are not available to the citizens of Venezuela due to the disruptions in that country,” he said.

When it instituted the new immigration requirements, Ecuador said it was at “maximum capacity” in accommodating the influx of refugees. The interior ministry says that 1.2 million Venezuelans have entered Ecuador from Colombia since late 2017, with more than 300,000 remaining in the country.

In total, the United Nations estimates that 400,000 refugees are currently living in Ecuador while 850,000 live in Peru. An estimated 1.8 million Venezuelans are in Colombia, many of whom want to continue on the Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil or Argentina, according to Negret.

“The Andean borders should remain open to all of our brothers and sisters, especially those in extreme need,” Negret said. “It is the long-established norm of the Andean Community of Nations that citizens of these nations be allowed to move freely across borders with only an identification card and we ask that this policy be honored once again.”

Negret said that Ecuador and Peru should follow the lead of Colombia in welcoming and assisting refugees of the region. In particular, he cited the separation of children from their parents and the denial of pregnant women to cross the border as reasons restrictions should be lifted. “Families are being destroyed by the current actions.”

33 thoughts on “Colombia insists Ecuador and Peru reopen their borders to Venezuelan refugees

  1. Colombia is ten times the size and economy of Ecuador, and this lil country has taken on enough, and doesnt need the deluge of too many people in an already hurting poor population! Go get Maduro if you wanna help these people!

    1. I made this exact point to a similar article last week and was ridiculed by most everyone who commented on the article. Ecuador can not afford to provide social services to these refugees. They are already in Colombia . Let the Colombian government care for them. The mistake the Ecuadorian government made, was not acting sooner to keep these refugees in Colombia.

      1. Come on bro,
        Of the three countries mentioned in this article, Ecuador was the country most in bed with Chavez and then Maduro and their anti-democratic 21st century socialism nonsense. There are consequences for one’s actions, and Ecuadorians along with expats in Cuenca and Paute need to pay the price by opening their homes and caring for these people who unfortunately did not defend the democracy in Venezuela, because they were seduced by governmental subsidies financed by high oil prices.

        1. I applaud your willingness to help the poor if Venezuela. Personally, I prefer to spend what money I can to help the poor of Ecuador, my adopted country

        2. Of the three countries mentioned in this article, Ecuador was the country least in bed with the US and their anti-democratic regime change agenda.

      2. Right Danny, Ecuador should not share in the burden of caring for these refugees, they should leave that entirely to others————- who should also have the same sad attitude, so the refugees should be left to die miserable deaths.

        One day, you will be in need of SOMETHING and if karma is real, you’ll be hurting.

    2. As heart breaking as it is to see the migrants flock the streets of all the countries taking in the families from Venezuela and the plight of women and small children it urgently needs to be addressed at the highest level of the countries of south america. We all know what must be done to prevent entry into of migrants and its not in the receiving Nations. The real and lasting solution lies in Venezuela .Head of the States affected need to find a way to Involve Maduro in finding the solution Start with asking him to come to Colombian capitol to meet all head of states and present his solution that prevent its people to leave Venezuela and live on the streets begging for food in the host countries . I realize it may be too simplistic but what are the alternatives short of removing Maduro by military action .

      1. Feel free to undertake a personal lobbying effort on behalf of Venezuelan refugees when you move to Armenia next month (finally).

          1. You told Loren!! I hope he didn’t discourage you from going! There are no FARC in Armenia and the exchange rate is quite favorable right now, so I have heard.

    3. If you want to have any credibility, you should have accurate statistics to make your point and the figures you cite are way off.

      Ecuador population 16.62 million
      Colombia population 49 million, which is only 2.94 times that of Ecuador

      Ecuador GDP is 103 Billion Dollars
      Colombia GDP is 309 Billion Dollars, which is only 3 times that of Ecuador.

      Even with the false figures you cite, the result is a big “so what?”. You fail to draw any meaningful conclusion with a basis in facts or logic.

    4. You are one of the few people who can see and knows what needs to be done. There is no excuse for Maduro still being in power or even alive for that matter. With all the military and Cartel hit teams that Columbia has they could have taken him out at any time and be done with that monster and his demons. Everyone wants to complain and scream about Maduro yet no one wants to take him out. Time is way past due to either get rid of him or shut up.

      1. If you want to pass yourself off as some kind of expert on South America, you might want to learn how to spell Colombia.

        1. Here, here – Jason.. thanks for that vital correction. COLOMBIA. Cultural and historical ignorance abounds…

              1. God forbid you should take some constructive criticism Do you get that point?.

                See if you can get this point; you chide me for what you imply is calling attention to your petty error, yet my post was in response to what you had written:

                “Here, here – Jason.. thanks for that vital correction. COLOMBIA. Cultural and historical ignorance abounds…”

                So it is a vital correction when someone makes a typo, yet it isn’t when you make an error of grammatical substance. That strikes me as being either a bit disingenuous or a lot hypocritical. Perhaps both.

  2. Colombia is in the beginning of a brutal civil war. FARC vs the regular Colombian army. All fighting the bankster’s/oil companies’ war in Ven. You think Venezuelans are overtaking the streets here? Wait till the Colombians roll in; you may have the Ecuadorian army posted in your town to help the local cops. No one likes Army occupation; it’s always better to have local, Barney Fife, donut shop cops in charge, but that may not happen.
    Glad I live in the woods.

    1. Hiram:
      You sound somewhat hysterical. Please review your history of our giant neighbor to the north, Colombia. This large country has been in civil war in a complex history for the past approximately 70 years! Read on… get your facts straight.

        1. She points out where you were wrong and you respond with insults. This is why you’re incapable of learning and instead rely on fantasies.

      1. It’s sad your ignore what’s going on in reality. Stop listening to Stanley Kubrick, and get a clue. C is not asking E to take in V refugees, they are asking E to take in C refugees. They just word in it in “newspeak” so people will accept it.

      2. Sue, you are trying to reach Abel with facts and logic and he doesn’t communicate in those terms. Reality check: he commutes to his strawberry farm every morning via the highway that goes through the Darién Gap. Google Darién Gap to see if that is possible. He insists that it is.

  3. Pressure will mount against Ecuador’s stricter border policies towards Venezuelans. This includes pressure from Colombia, as the article reports, as well as from other countries, including Venezuela, and internal pressures. The internal pressure will be spurred by humanitarian concerns as well as a legal challenges, as the the new restrictions on Venezuelan migrants are likely to be challenged as unconstitutional. Xenophobia towards Venezuelans is also on the rise in Ecuador and it fueled the new restrictions. The dynamic clash between these opposing forces will be played out in Ecuador’s politics. This clash will occur in the context of Ecuador’s currently stagnant economy.

    1. In what I read, the NW region of this continent, all the countries in the region, are being affected mightily by the Venezuelan “failed state ” –All the issues and conflicts spiinning off from it, including the massive outmigration of Venezuelan citizens. We can hope wiser, cooler heads prevail…

  4. Maduro is major player in the drug business, so don’t expect him to roll over anytime soon and start showing some compassion for the people. Their suffering, as well as, the negative impact on his neighbors are just collateral damage. A well placed head shot would go a long ways in providing the beginning of a solution.

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