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My commitment to my clients goes beyond business; it’s personal. I understand the concerns and uncertainties that often come with health insurance. That’s why I approach each client putting myself in their shoes, taking the time to listen, understand, and address their needs. I’m here for my clients around the clock, ready to answer the phone whenever assistance is needed, no matter the hour. When you reach out via email or WhatsApp, you can expect a prompt response.
My broker and I manage over 850 clients!

I’m here to be your trusted contact, your support system for any healthcare-related issue. Whether it’s a medical emergency, assistance with a claim, or simply seeking guidance, I’m by your side every step of the way.

When you become my client, you become an important part of my extended family. Your trust in me is a profound honor, and I treat it with the utmost respect.
Navigating the Ecuadorian healthcare system and managing insurance paperwork can be challenging. But rest assured, I’m well-versed in health insurance, ensuring you have the right coverage and that your claims are handled efficiently. Your focus should be on your health; I’m here to take care of the rest.

My services go beyond transactions; they’re built on empathy, dedication, and expertise. Entrust me with your healthcare, and I’ll stand by your side, providing the support and guidance you deserve.

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Contact information:

Daniela Cordero


Relaxation Massage

A therapeutic and calming massage that offers light to moderate pressure with long, fluid and intentional strokes, allowing you to ease into a deep and restful state of relaxation.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Massage of the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue releases persistent muscle tension, chronic pain, whiplash or sports injuries, postural misalignment, spasms, and muscle injuries.

I am a specialist therapist who will consider your particular needs to give you the best and most satisfying experience. I also can help you with rehabilitation exercises or IVs to help you heal.

Schedule your in-home 90-minute massage on the day and time that suits you best.

Massage costs USD 45

Contact information:

Elsa Rojas


Viral and bacterial infections are not just inconvenient; they can also be painful and lead to severe health issues. As a result, addressing them early is preferable.

Potential Benefits:

• Reduces inflammation, aches, and pains
• Helps to flush out toxins
• Fights free radicals
• Quickly hydrates to replace what fluid is lost during illness
• Boosts immune system to better fight against current illness

• Lymphdiaral
• Pascoleucyn
• Mega doses Vit C
• Vitamin B12
• Magnesium

A cold or flu can be devastating. Whether you suffer from severe headaches, a fever, or coughs, there is no denying that this hampers your productivity for weeks. And when you have household chores or time-sensitive deadlines, the question of how to get things done when you feel run-down.

You can expect a speedier recovery. You will be back on track within days, which is faster compared to taking over-the-counter medications because:

• Compensates for the missing nutrients and the body’s fluid levels
• Removes free radicals and toxins
• Strengthens your immune response
• Produces energy for fighting your illness
• Delivers anti-inflammatory properties
• Relieves symptoms like muscle aches, headache, nausea, diarrhea, and more

I use only the best compounding pharmacies’ best ingredients to ensure the most effective infusions with fewer side effects.

Cost of IV $85 + $5.00 transportation fee.

Contact information:

Elsa Rojas


Foreigners who are irregular in Ecuador, either due to visa expiration or cancellation, have the option to regularize and apply for the corresponding visa by paying the $200 penalty, these regularizations will be available until April 8 in accordance with the regulations that were published on March 10, 2022.
For more information, contact Dra. Lina Ulloa at:

Address: Av. Jose Peralta 1-19 and Av. 12 de Abril, Acropolis Building, 3rd Floor, office 312.
Telephone numbers: (07) 410-3588 or 098-420-5336

Contact information:

Dra. Lina Ulloa


I have a few houseplants for sale left.

If you are interested in any or all of them, please email me

2 English avy – clay pots for $7 each or two for $10.00
1 cigarette plant – $5.00
1 unknown plant – $ 4.00
Or can you take them all for $16.00

Also selling
Hand shovel $1.00

I can send you pictures to your email upon request.

Contact information:

Beth Shahda



Yes!! Your favorite feast from King Smokehouse is back just for this week and just in time for your enjoyment. Felix’s succulent, tender, slathered rib dinner will be waiting for you this Friday! Yum. Slow smoked over applewood, lightly glazed with his signature barbecue sauce and ready for you to heat and enjoy. Accompanying these delightful ribs will be his mashed potatoes (no fake potatoes here these are the real deal, hand mashed potatoes with just the right amount of butter), and vegetables. This is a lip smacking, finger licking delicious meal at an amazing price. One delightful meal for only $8.00 or 2 meals for $15.00. Your rib dinner will be available for pickup or delivery (small charge for orders under $25,00) this Friday the 22nd (while supplies last) one day only. Orders must be placed by 5 pm on Thursday! This will ensure you have the freshest and tastiest meal. Oh oh oh oh Sauerkraut is BACK! Felix has stocked the sauerkraut so grab a few jars when you get your ribs. Wondering how to find King Smokehouse? No problem we are just across from beautiful Parque San Sebastian. Some kind of good eating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact information:

King Smokehouse



Men’s short sleeve button-down casual shirts in different colours are $10.00 each
1 M
3 L
2 XL

1 pair of Merrell Sandals, Size 10 USA, $25.00 colour grey/beige
1 pair of Rockport sandals Size 10 ½ USA $20.00 colour brown -leather

I can send you pictures to your email upon request.

Contact information:

Beth Shahda



How-to grooming book is an exceptional and easy-to-read instructional resource for new and seasoned professionals. Developed by 20-year veteran groomer and master stylist Melissa Verplank, this tutorial provides step-by-step guidelines on basic and advanced grooming techniques for all breeds.

Showcases exceptional artistic representation based on the ideal, written breed standard and features line drawings and photographs to accompany detailed instructional notes.

Topics include general anatomy, tools and equipment, bathing, drying, clipping, brushing, scissoring, carding, hand stripping, nails and ears, feet and pads, and bathing directions for each coat type. 495 pages, spiral bound, soft cover. Measures 11-inch length by 9-1/2-inch width by 1-1/3-inch height.

Asking price $30.00 o.b.o.

Also selling:
1 Professional Scissor Case colour pink – holds 8 shears $12.00
1 grooming comb $2
2 flee combs $1 each
I can send you pictures to your email upon request.

Contact information:

Beth Shahda




Next saturday 23rd, come enjoy a free cine-concert at the teatro pumapungo!

A show by the French duo Catherine Vincent that brings to the present the magic of the cinema of the pioneers Georges Méliès and Lotte Reiniger. An event for children but also for parents who love music and cinema. The fantastic stories and primitive special effects of Méliès, and the animation of delicate cut-out silhouettes of Reiniger are brought to life with their narration and voice, to which are added modern rhythms and emotions to the sound of their acoustic and electric guitars, tambourine, Indian harmonium and voices.

Do not miss it, Saturday 23rd, 08:00 PM, TEATRO PUMPAGUNGO, FREE EVENT

Contact information:

Alianza Francesa de Cuenca


80’s Vibe rock band will be performing at Eucalyptus Resto-Bar this Friday, September 22nd, at 8:00 PM. Come and dance to the greatest hits of the 80’s. Cover $6. Hope to see you there!

Contact information:

80's Vibe Band


Too Far South, Ecuador’s only Country Band, will be performing at La Yunta Restaurante, Saturday, September 23rd, 5:00pm. Join us for some great country music and dancing! This is an earlier start time, 5pm, for those who wish to dine and get home early! Hope to see you there! Cover $6.

Contact information:

Too Far South Country Band


This post is for our animal-loving friends who love their music!
Time is running out to get your tickets to Cuenca’s Event of the Year with star-studded performances all evening.

“Gala FAAN-TASTICA” on October 7th will be at the historic and elegant Estancia Rosario near Hospital Del Rio and not only helps Cuenca’s dogs but gives you an evening of fantastic entertainment

Here’s the big show: A VIP Champagne Hour with Saxophone, Keyboard, and Percussions with “Chile Guajillo” and Acrobats, Diego Andre’s Peña y Jose Males.
Dinner music with Cuenca’s favorite guitarist, Luis Ullauri, followed by
After dinner music and dancing with the Du+Quartet.

There’s also of course amazing food, an open bar all evening, and a silent and live auction with Cuenca’s morning DJ from Radio Hit,
Danny (Mr. D) Tagle!
Don’t miss out on this FAAN-TASTIC event because we’re going all out to raise funds to build Ecuador’s most modern animal shelter.

All-inclusive tickets for the Gala are $60 and $85 with an added VIP Champagne and Entertainment Hour.
We are arranging for a taxi service at the end of the evening for the safety of our guests. 2) The VIP Champagne Hour is from 6:30 – 7:30 PM with Gala doors opening at 7:30 PM – 11 PM.

Tickets will not be sold at the door and the Gala will sell out. Grab your tickets this week online at or arrange to pick up your tickets in Cuenca this week with FAAN volunteers by writing

Contact information:




In the realm of contemporary healthcare, ensuring comprehensive coverage with uncompromising quality has become a non-negotiable priority. In light of this, the alliance between BlueBox and Humana Seguros shines as a beacon of innovation and excellence. The recent unveiling of their collaborative health insurance product has not only redefined industry standards but also established a benchmark for exclusive and top-tier coverage. This article delves into the dynamic partnership’s significance, the unique advantages it offers, and its resounding success in transforming the healthcare landscape.

Setting a New Paradigm in Healthcare Assurance

The monumental partnership between BlueBox and Humana Seguros marks a turning point in the healthcare insurance arena. Rooted in a shared commitment to excellence, this collaboration has birthed a revolutionary health insurance offering that blends BlueBox’s advisory prowess with Humana’s unparalleled reputation in prepaid medical insurance. The outcome is a holistic insurance experience that seamlessly integrates quality, affordability, and an expansive network of services.

Exclusivity: The Cornerstone of Trust

Central to this partnership is the hallmark of exclusivity in sales, signaling a strategic emphasis on unparalleled quality and service. By making this insurance product available exclusively through BlueBox Asesores, both entities have forged a path that assures clients of exceptional quality and competitive pricing. This business model not only safeguards the integrity of the product but also elevates the overall client experience… Continue reading

Contact information:

Carlos Ramirez

Customer Service +593 95 872 8985


In March 2023, the Government ordered through a presidential decree; amnesty be granted along with the issuance of a visa called VIRTE for foreign citizens of all nationalities, except those from Venezuela.

The initial requirements set forth in the decree are as follows:
1. To have entered Ecuador before September 2022.
2. Starting from your entry date before September 2022, you must remain in Ecuador and must not have left the country.
3. Register in the Government’s web page (This registration only be done until August 15, 2023).

The Virte visa application will possibly begin in June, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility is supposed to establish the procedure and other requirements for this type of visa.

Any additional information please do not hesitate to contact

Contact information:

Dra. Lina Ulloa


Are you aspiring to start your own business as an international courier, bringing in brands from across the globe? It’s a rewarding venture that opens up a world of opportunities. At RioCargo Express, we’re here to guide you on this exciting journey.
Starting your own courier business allows you to tap into the global market, bringing international brands to your customers’ doorsteps. The demand for unique and sought-after products from around the world is on the rise, and you can be the bridge that connects customers to these treasures.
With RioCargo Express as your partner, you’ll have access to valuable resources and support to kickstart your courier business. We offer insights into shipping logistics, customs procedures, and industry best practices to ensure your success. Our network extends worldwide, making it easier than ever to source and import products from various regions.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your passion for international products into a thriving business. Join us at RioCargo Express, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Your dreams of becoming an international courier can become a reality with the right guidance and expertise.

Contact information:
WhatsApp: 0986539819
Telephone: 07409133

Contact information:

RioCargo Express


1. What is the M & M knock-off that sells for 1/3 the price? How close is it to the real thing?
2. How hard is it to find hamburger and hot dog buns? What is the one thing one should probably do with them after bringing them home and why?
3. On a busy public street, a person parks their car. After returning a man in a reflective vest “assists” them in getting out of the parking space. Should they be tipped for this “service”? If so, how much?
4. A person goes to a nice restaurant and orders a Cosmopolitan. What are the chances that the waiter will know what they’re talking about?
5. What is the Ecuadorian version of Eggnog called?

0. Strongly recommend going to
1. Probably best to go to
2. Consider going to
3. 50/50
4. You might be ok without
5. I need to talk to you about being a content provider. Please go to and click Support.

Alternatively, one can go to Amazon and buy the book Mas Despacio 1,000 things to consider before moving to Ecuador for only $9.99.

(For a limited time, those viewers willing to take a short survey will receive a $5.00 discount off a year’s subscription. Click here to go to to receive the discount.)

Contact information:

Rick Ochoa


The Cuenca Self-Realization Fellowship Center cordially invites all to a free public lecture on Yoga meditation as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic, “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

The talk will be held at 7 pm on Thursday, September 28 at Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz, Universidad de Cuenca, and will be given in English, with live translation into Spanish.

Contact information:

Self-Realization Fellowship


Fight back against pain and discomfort with Relieve Drip. It also improves skin health, increases blood cell count, and improves mental clarity and function.

This blend includes B complex vitamins, calcium chloride, and hydroxo B12 to support nervous system health, improve blood cell production, enhance energy, and improve brain/nervous system function.


• Improved Mental Clarity and Function
• Improved Muscle Strength
• Improved Nerve Function
• Increased Metabolism


• Weight Loss Support
• Reduced Bloating
• Improved Bone Health
• Improved Skin Health
• Healthy Brain Function

Main Ingredients:

Calcium Chloride is a vital mineral for strong bones, muscles, nerves, and cell function.

Magnesium Chloride regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, and healthy muscle and nerve function. Assists with the production of proteins, bone minerals and DNA.

Vitamin B Complex improves skin health, increases blood cell count, and boosts metabolism.

B12 improves brain function, fights mental fog, and improves nerve and blood cell health.

Schedule your in-home IV drip on the day and time that suits you best.

Cost of IV: $85.00 + $5.00 transportation fee. Cuenca

I am available to help you outside Cuenca on Saturday only.

Contact information:

Elsa Rojas


Massage therapy involves assessing, treating, and preventing physical dysfunction and pain in the body’s soft tissue and joints.

I provide gentle relaxation massages for those interested in stress relief and more comprehensive treatments for those seeking a natural, low-impact route to healing.

Massage therapy can help treat soft tissue injuries, decrease pain, and increase mobility and circulation. Massage therapy can help you get on your feet after injury in no time.

I have the knowledge and skills to understand your health issues and adapt my techniques based on your unique condition.

Massage therapy can benefit people of all ages and help prevent illness and other conditions from developing. It can complement your existing care, enhancing the effectiveness of different treatments, like physiotherapy.

Massage therapy can decrease the development of painful muscular patterning following a trauma or injury and facilitate more rapid recovery.

Schedule your in-home 90-minute massage on the day and time that suits you best.

Massage costs USD 45

Contact information:

Elsa Rojas


The robes are made from blankets I purchase at the San Francisco market. They are made with a synthetic base and Alpaca added in. Very soft and warm. Very durable and washable.
One size fits all. Local alterations are very inexpensive. In the pictures I am 6ft and Angela is 5ft tall.
Open and laying flat they measure 72 inches across. They are just like wrapping yourself in a blanket with pockets.
Only one of each. Fist come first serve.
Free delivery here in Cuenca. Or come and see them yourself. I live just off of Gran Columbia.
$69.00 each. My cost have been going up, but still holding the same price as of now.
There should be 6 photos.

Contact information:

Bruce Cook


Blue Box

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