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Competent legal assistance makes all the difference when moving overseas

By Edd and Cynthia Staton

Having competent legal assistance is the best way to obtain your residency visa and get your new expat life off to a great start. Dra. Lina Ulloa, owner of Cuenca law firm Ulloa & Zamora, has been practicing law since 2003 and was one of the first attorneys in the city to assist newly arriving foreigners with their visa applications.

A client meets with Dra. Lina Ullo.

It is said that “practice makes perfect,” and Lina consistently demonstrates the truth of that adage. She recently received formal congratulations and recognition from the Office of Immigration for her enviable 100% approval record for all visa application submissions.

Beyond obtaining residency, Ulloa & Zamora is qualified to provide you with other important legal assistance in Ecuador. As a dedicated professional, Lina has continued her formal education and earned a Master’s of Civic and Labor Law.

It is important to have an attorney here execute a will that properly coordinates with the will from your home country. Neglecting to do this will cause enormous hardship for a surviving spouse during a stressful and emotional time. Similar difficulty results when “end of life” documents are not executed by a qualified lawyer prior to a spouse’s passing.

Dra. Lina Ullo and her legal assistant.

Protect yourself if you are renting your residence by having Lina draw up the lease agreement or review the one prepared by your landlord. Failure to do so could result in you having no recourse if the dwelling has issues or the landlord is unresponsive.

Similarly, if you have domestic help, let Lina create a contract that defines your and your housekeeper’s responsibilities and avoid potential problems in the future. Dra. Ulloa can also represent you should a dispute arise.

Real estate assistance from Lina Ulloa is multi-faceted and comprehensive. Through her extensive network of contacts, she serves as a buyer’s agent to locate ideal properties for her clients. She then negotiates prices so that the seller pays the legally allowable 3% commission. As a final service to her clients, Lina includes drawing up contracts and all other legal services in that commission. This feature alone can save you thousands of dollars in expenses.

Dra. Lina Ulloa is a versatile attorney who will professionally guide you through all legal matters in Ecuador — visas, wills, end of life, leases, domestic help, and real estate. She provides every client with excellent service and fair rates.

Ulloa & Zamora
Av. Jose Peralta 1-19 y Av. 12 de Abril (Acropolis building) Office 31
Land line: 04103588, 04103790
Cell: 0984205336, 0981132984


The preceding is a paid advertorial.

  • fredtover

    This isn’t an article, it is an advertisement! And coming from representatives of International Living it is totally biased.

    • Dan

      The article is labeled a “paid advertorial.” All ads are “totally biased” which is not to say their claims are not true. Besides that, they’re necessary to pay the bills.

      • Donald

        Yes, but that notice should have before the story, not after it.

  • Seneschal

    Agree with fredtover. It would be nice to have an article comparing the alternatives (e.g., Visaangels, lawyers, do-it-yourself) with interviews with some folks who have done it each way. Personally, we found Visaangels to be inexpensive, knowledgable, and competent and the lawyers I contacted wanted $1500-2000 and I still had to gather all the relevant documents, get FBI clearance, etc.

  • Idea

    How interesting! The article entitled “Competent legal assistance makes all the difference when moving overseas” speaks only of one Cuenca attorney.

    Where is the difference? With other attorneys? Facilitators? And do-it-yourselves? Did the Stantons use the attorney for whom they now route so vociferously?

    And where is that alleged congratulations from the MInistry of Foreign Affairs? Sounds like a totally absurd lie, because of all the Ministry of Foreign Affairs efforts to promote the do-it-yourself visa application process.

    There recommended attorney certainly does not have a 100% visa approval rate, too many people have written of their problems with this attorney,

    The Stantons do not understand that, until recently, Ecuador granted the title of Dr along with a law degree, obtained after 5 years of study (same about Med Drs degrees in Ecuador) . And such is the degree of the recommended attorney.

    Why is it that the Stantons recommend this particular attorney? Have they used ANY services provided by her? How do they know that she is the best jack of legal trades in Cuenca?

    How very unpleasant to realize, just once more, that try to cheat the new ones out of their money so shamelessly

  • Richard Hermes

    Fredtover’s comment seems null because the article is a paid profile piece.

    The far more important point is that Lina Ulloa and staff are extremely competent people. Lina has 15 years of experience in visa work — more than anyone else in the area. Lina completely resolved in 48-hours a problem that was dragging for 4 months using using another facilitator. Her staff is knowledgeable, friendly, bilingual, and a joy to work with.

    Those who want a full review of immigration strategies and alternatives seem bright enough and have enough time to write that piece and share their know-how. Different purpose — different piece.

    Congratulations Lina for the recognition of your remarkable record of visa approvals from the Office of Immigration.

    • Jonathan Hymn Mogrovejo

      Thanks Richard! You do understand the purpose of the article. Advertorials are informative, but of course favor the client, thus the ‘The preceding is a paid advertorial.’ mark. We are very thankful for our advertisers who help to fund our publishing of news and expat stories.

      • Richard Hermes

        I hope that my comment was in support of this advertorial media as well as its content. Your upfront disclosure to the reader is what nullifies fredover’s negative point of view. I think we are on the same page.

  • lorenzo

    The client meeting with Dra. Lina Ullo sure does look familiar. 🙂

  • Hazel Burnett Hinebaugh

    Granted, this is paid Advertorial, but in response to the comments, we would like to share our experience with Dra Lina Ulloa de Zamora. She came highl recommended by friends of ours in Cuenca. Although we tend to be DIY people, we felt we needed assistance with gathering information and applying for our visass and cedula. Lina and her assistant, Sofia have been absolutely invaluable in our transition to living in Cuenca. We received our visas and cedulas in 31/2 months of our arrival in Ecuador. There were no problems. They have given us advise on several occasions that helped us solve other transition problems. In fact, they have been like guardian angels for which we are extremely grateful.
    Lina helped us to find our current home, and we plan to have her to prepare our End of Life paperwork and our new wills. Everything that she has done for us has been prompt,professional and painless. Thankfully, she is quick to respond emails or phone calls and has kept us informed of the progress of paperwork. Her fees are extremely fair, and far less than most lawyers in the area.
    In conclusion, we consider Lina our lawyer, mentor and dear friend. We highly recommend her to any expat that needs assistance obtaining visas, cedulas, housing, etc .
    Guy and Hazel Hinebaugh