Completion date extended for autopista, Guest chefs at El Mercado, Waterfront cleanup, Martin Scorsese’s ‘Taxi Driver,’ International dance festival

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Lunes, 2/10/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Filme – “Taxi Driver” by Martin Scorsese will show Tuesday a las 19:00 in “La Guarida” Centro Cultural (La Mar y Luis Pauta). Cost: fifty cents. <Now that’ll sure put a big hole in your budget.>

Festival de danza – The Tercer (3d) Festival Internacional: Tradiciones y Culturas del Mundo will be from 26-28/10. Performances will be at the Teatro Sucre at 19:00.

Títeres – “Titiricuenca,” an international fair of puppet theater will be from 14-28/10. Performances will be in various venues including the Teatro Sucre, Teatro Pumapungo, and San Blas with artists from Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador.

Articles about –

María del Mar – This 13 year old student won the “Yo Cuento” literary competition.

Taller – There will be a poetry and reading workshop Tuesday y miércoles from 17-19:30 in the main building of the CCE on “Misterio y emocíon en las palabras” (Mystery and emotion in words) to read works of Cuencano writers, Mary Corilé y César Dávila Andrade.

Taller de Acrobacia (Acrobatics Workshop) – An acrobatics workshop geared for theater actors, dancers and scenic arts professionals in general, started today in the El Prohibido. Hours are 14-18:00 and the workshop lasts 2 weeks. <Thank heaven I didn’t decide that this was what I should do for exercise. Can’t think of anything that would stick out more in a roomful of actors and dancers than one old, fat, flabby gringa.>

CEDFI – A group of 16 students from the CEDFI school are going to Montpellier, France for a French language immersion experience and to expand their horizons and learn about other cultures. <If more gringos had opportunities to travel while they were young, the world might be quite a different place now. There might be less us and them and more we.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Hoy se calarifica norte de consulta (Referendum clarified Monday) – The National Government will announce the questions that will be in the referendum. There were about 450 questions proposed and possibly 8 will be selected. See article in CHL.

Waterfront cleanup – 39,000 volunteers in Ecuador helped clean up 834 km. of beaches, rivers, lakes, lagoons and ocean floors as part of a global “minga.” <minga fits this effort better than any English word I can think of.> <Yeah, yeah, I know. Your English is better than mine, too.> There were volunteers at 317 sites. 182,389.77 kg of rubbish was picked up and Ecuador is number 3 on the world list for cleaning up beaches. <If it’s 3d in the world for number of volunteers that’s different from 3d in the world in the amount of garbage on the beaches.>

Dual education – The UPS (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana – remember this abbreviation, too.), the Chamber of Industry, the Ecuadorian German Chamber of Commerce, Continental Tire Andina and Indurama are collaborating on a dual education of 2-1/2 years in Industrial Electricity and Mechanics. Classes are taught at the Unidad Educativa Téchnico Salesiano and combine theory and practice.

Vía Rápida delay – The project term for the vía Cuenca-Azogues-Biblián has been extended from this month until 21/2/2018. <Given the track record on other projects, this level of precision is hard to believe but I guess the lawyers want a date.> The extra four months is due to a bridge over the vía rápida (fast way) in the Zhullin sector.

Festival Mano a Mano – The El Mercado restaurant is celebrating its 3d anniversary with an event that pairs 6 chefs over 3 days from Tuesday hasta el jueves. The chefs will be offering their creations from 18-21:00 and include Francisco Vintimilla from the Hilton Colón in Guayaquil, Alex Lau from Lua in Quito, and Erick Dreyer from Ciré in Quito. They will go “mano a mano” (hand to hand) with local chefs Caniel Contreras from Dos Sucres, Diego Gutiérrez from La Caleta, and Edwin León from El Mercado. Special invitee will be Gonzalo Troncoso, a sommelier from Chile.

Sewers – Various communities in the rural parishes of Sinincay and Chiquintad will be getting sewers.

Internacional –

Spain/Catalonia – A referendum in Catalonia on independence for Catalonia passed with 90% of the votes. The referendum was independent and not legal. Police tried to stop people from celebrating after the results were in and it resulted in 761 injuries.

US – OJ Simpson is out of jail after 9 years of a 15 year sentence. <That’s your oddball news from the day. I can’t help it if it doesn’t come from Cuenca.>

Descuentos y compras –

Loma Larga Mine – The mine took out a full page infomercial ad in the sports section.

El Mercurio – Smartphone verykool, model s4009 – $59.99 incl. IVA. – at all Mercurio offices. <Cheap enough to experiment with a smart phone if you’re one of the hold outs.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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