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Conaie leader says indigenous must create an army and continue pressure on the government

The president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie), Jaime Vargas, says that Ecuador’s indigenous movement should consider forming its own army to protect its rights.

Conaie President Jaime Vargas

“We must continue to pressure the government to achieve our goals,” he said Sunday. “To do this, we must consider creating our own army to provide security for our community to see that our rights are protected.”

Vargas led the successful indigenous protest against the government’s plan to eliminate fuel subsidies that ended October 13 and is currently Conaie’s chief negotiator with the government to develop a new economic plan.

Speaking to an audience in Morona Santiago Province, Vargas also said that the indigenous movement must strengthen its communications with the rest of the country, a possible allusion to the upcoming presidential campaign. “We need to talk not only to our members but to all Ecuadorians, especially the poor, since we share the same interests.”

He said that Conaie must broaden its political focus. “Decree 883 [the government’s order to eliminate fuel subsidies] is a small thing,” he said. “The government has a long history of betraying Ecuador’s poor and we must be vigilant for new decrees that go against the interests of the people.”

Vargas and Azuay Prefect Yaku Perez have been mentioned as possible presidential candidates for the indigenous Pachakutik political party in the 2021 election.

Vargas added that mining will be a new battlefront for Conaie. “As a people, we must turn our attention the destructive transnational mining interests and their relationship with the government. These corporate interests are the enemy of the indigenous people.”

20 thoughts on “Conaie leader says indigenous must create an army and continue pressure on the government

    1. If you live here in Cuenca, you shouldn’t be saying that my friend. This situation affect all of us, for sure. Not even YANKS, as you said, will be saved. This mess will be cleaned by the real Indigenous people. I believe Mr. Vargas can do a lot, don’t forget in the last speech between Your President Moreno and Indigenous Leaders, the President was embarrassed by them, that supposedly are the “ignorant people “. Well, that ignorant people, knows better. So, yes my friend, we need more POWER TO THE PEOPLE 🙂

  1. Yes they need to form their own army. Without one the government is going to keep taking everything they have and exterminate them.

    1. considering the weapon laws here in Ecuador, how would they legally raise an army ? How many people do you think would have died in the latest protests if the indigenous had an army ? sounds like you are advocating civil war ? name a country that has allowed this that has remained peaceful ?

      1. It was a Civil War my friend, didn’t you notice??? Where do you live Bob James ? Get up and smell the coffee…

        1. Absolute nonsense. Go visit a country blighted by civil war, then come back and say the two are comparable.

          Do you really think you would still be here in the country if it was actually a civil war

        2. you need to change your name from Wonder Woman to Timid Woman or Scared Woman … you are always angry and feeling threatened. You live in Cuenca the same as my wife and I do and we never went into the one area in Cuenca that was having ‘protests’ maybe even ‘civil unrest’ but never ‘civil war’. you seem to see the worst and most dangerous things in everything. you really need to visit other places that experience civil war and see the thousands or millions murdered before you talk nonsense. maybe because the stores didn’t have eggs or your gas ran out you thought it was a civil war ? lol. the indigenous, police and military here and even in Quito were very restrained. the worst violence in Guayaquil seemed to be because of thieves. yes there were a few deaths …. it was terrible. hope it doesn’t happen again but Chile is seeing worse over a 4c increase in the subway price. get over it.

    2. Yes, that is what Morris from the 108Morris108 was saying — that the goal of all Corporations (the new world order) is to get rid of all Indigenous populations.

      1. The NEW WORLD ORDER my friend, is the same as the OLD WORLD ORDER. Check Agenda 21, most of the population have to be reduced by 2050. How??? By wars, strikes, guns, illnesses, viruses, violence, you name it.
        This is not the beginning, unfortunately, we are part of the process, the only way we can survive is by thinking by ourselves. If you’re a follower or a believer, you must go. That’s it, the World is no for losers, but for fighters and brave people.
        Start reading more and drinking less, and you may understand. Cheers:))

      2. That is false. Another conspiracy theory that is not true. There are many countries that have elected officials that are indigenous that have the power to prevent it

        1. Take a look at Europe, dear. That will prove the point of 108Morris108, R.I.P.. Indigenous peoples have to go. Can’t you see it? We will all be a shade of chocolate.

    3. Very well my friend.
      I totally agree with you. In the last strike that ended after 13 days of violence and destruction, the Police were armed to their teeth; killing our proud Indigenous People, children, brothers and sisters, without any compassion. So I agree to form their own army, and defend themselves of this tyranny and abuse, that they were object for many years. Why not? Or the government is going to stop this fight? Nobody can’t…the people are finally getting up and fighting for their rights. Well done Mr. Vargas & Mr. Yaku Perez, for all the support in the last strike in Cuenca, Capital of Brave Men & Women, finally…

    1. Initialisms (like USA) are always in all caps (lest we call it oosa). However, the rule is not so hard and fast for acronyms that have become part of everyday use like Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg) or laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation). However, if the acronym is a proper noun, the first letter is still capitalized. Like most “rules” in English, common usage ultimately determines what is correct (think NASA or AIDS). On that note, let me add my vote to the correct pronunciation of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus); it’s pronounced M-R-S-A-, not “mirsa”. It’s an initialism, not an acronym. Makes me cringe when I hear it.

      Sorry, that note was to boost the search engine engine results (the way we determine common usage these days). Medical practitioners fight over this one constantly.

      I only answer because I once had to ask when editing an academic paper. We didn’t have the internet back then so I had to wait in line during a linguistics professor’s office hours (he wasn’t even my professor). That was the closest thing we had to Google back then.

      1. Oh, no, so you can’t say what is correct anymore if it’s not PC. You can’t say, “To each his own”. If you do you’re a White, sexist, male supremacist.

    2. Who cares about that Mrs.
      The world is falling apart and you just thinking about CAPITAL LETTERS? You gotta be kidding me…
      Read more, and drink less please. Is good for your brain:))

  2. I understand that humankind (at least those who get any facts at all) are terrified these days. Fear generates the worst in us, and you can see it here, and everywhere. The issues are not border walls, bus fares, the price of fossil fuels. Those are merely matches to bonfires building for centuries. The simply fact is that peoples have lost hope in the governments and systems that shape us and our worlds.

    Change is a must and it is happening whether we wish it or not. We can be classy about, or come out with hateful or unproductive rhetoric.

    1. This is for WonderWoman, too: Words are revolutionary. The fact that we refuse to use the word, man (mankind) for fear of feminist reprisal shows that the West has lost all will to live. Feminism is the deathblow to civilization yet we so frightened of feminists.

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