Conscious Living: Tapping into the energy body

Oct 14, 2017 | 0 comments

By Louis Bourgeois

An important element of Conscious Living is the awakening and strengthening of the spiritual mind. This is our evolutionary imperative. We integrate the tribal and egoic levels of consciousness and then begin to develop our more expansive spiritual mind. Whereas the tribal mind is rooted on the physical body and survival issues, and the egoic mind is centered on the mind and person, the spiritual mind has its foundation in the energy body.

Our energy body is the conduit through which what Eckhart Tolle calls “the unmanifested” manifests. It is the portal for all creativity, the bridge between the timeless realm and the space-time world. I use the metaphor of the plant and the process of photosynthesis to describe our energetic function. Every plant, from a blade of grass to a towering oak tree, transforms the energy of the sun into the necessary elements for life: water, food, and oxygen. Life on our planet depends upon this alchemical process. In a similar way all of our human creativity and our evolution as a species depends upon our energetic function.

Eckhart Tolle

Knowing this function and fulfilling it is the key to happiness and vibrant health. Tolle would say that enthusiasm is the highest state of consciousness in humans, and that the creative expression is our highest function. In A Course in Miracles we are similarly taught that our awakening and joy come from knowing and fulfilling this function. Anyone who is highly creative, no matter what the form of creativity, would confirm that their highest states of happiness come during the moments of creative expression.

The energy body and its function is the foundation for mental, emotional and physical health. This is why various practices of yoga and meditation have become popular in the West in the past 50 years. Awakening and strengthening the energy body is the single best thing that you can do to maximize your health. And a life devoted to creative expression is guaranteed to be a happy life. Enthusiasm is the antidote to anxiety and depression. And I know this from my personal experience, not simply from a lifetime of spiritual study. It is now my life’s purpose to demonstrate and teach how it is possible to live one’s life in perfect health, without the need of any external aids like medications or supplements or special diets. When our vibrant health literally radiates from within, from a fully activated energy body, our youth and vitality are the result.

Remember that our energy body is our direct link to the timeless realm, what some might call heaven. I call a life devoted to the energetic creative function as walking with one foot in eternity. As such our life in the world is imbued with a radiance, called in A Course in Miracles “the hush of heaven.” Inner peace and happiness emanate from this radiant reality, and this translates into perfect health.

Louis Bourgeois

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