Conscious Living: Time and eternity

Nov 6, 2017 | 3 comments

By Louis Bourgeois

I mentioned in my last column that the energy body was the bridge between the timeless realm, or eternity, and the space-time world. Living with this awakened consciousness is what I call walking with one foot in eternity. Our relationship with time is transformed. We no longer see time as a limited commodity, nor do we fear “the end of time” as the ego sees physical death.

When we develop our relationship with eternity, coming to know that aspect of our self which is eternal, our relationship with the space-time world radically changes. A single day can expand into a limitless energetic playground, and we can literally feel as if our lifetime is immense. I often say that experimentally my lifetime seems endless, perhaps spanning somewhere between 800 and a thousand years. The quality of life literally affects the appearance of quantity.

Those of us in what is fondly named “tercera edad” (the third life) in the Latin culture have the opportunity to make this last third, typically about 33 years, a vast kingdom of heaven on earth. Gone are the restrictions of youth, filled with tribal responsibilities and egoic ambitions. These are the enemies of time and preclude the possibility of our relationship with timelessness. Now, if we are open to developing this relationship with eternity, opportunities are limitless.

I wrote earlier about the energy body and how this is the foundation of Conscious Living and vibrant health. By awakening and strengthening the energy body we open ourselves to the fulfillment of our highest function. We become conduits through which the Divine, or the unmanifested, becomes evident. Filled with unlimited creative potential, or enthusiasm, our lives become a playground. We become again like children, filled with feelings of security and happiness. We fully appreciate the principle of abundance, which allows us to live a life of simplicity and ease. We feel the embrace of eternity as we serve as its portal.

The literal fact is that by knowing this relationship we come to know our own eternal reality, or what is often called our soul. We experience the full flowering of this soul and in so doing we fulfill our highest function and we know deep peace and true happiness. Knowing eternity makes our relationship with time one of harmony. We see the world through new eyes. Beauty and perfection surround us. We become a light unto our world, our radiance a simply expression of energetic reality.

Two things are necessary for us to step into this radiance. We need proper guidance and we need community support. To undo the conditioning of our youth, to overcome the conformity of our culture, takes a certain diligence and discipline. Most will never dare rise above their conditioning and conformity, but for those of us who do, a whole new earth awaits us.

This is the promise of eternity, which waits with infinite patience for you.

Louis Bourgeois

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