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Expat Life

Consider the news. Consider the kids.

By Robert Bradley

The news is laced with tragedy, destruction, fear, and foreboding.

Seemingly, at every turn, there is danger beyond understanding or even recognition while we are subjected to chattering pundits who pontificate on who did what to whom. It can be so confusing.

But, not for me. I hold fast against the tidal surge of cynicism, monetizing, politicising and pulpiteering.

I am also astonishingly fortunate to have found a home in Cuenca where the wisdom of ages is expressed in architecture and a vibrant art and music scene that inspires. And most important of all, there are guides readily available to remind me that kindness and virtue come easily.


They are a portal by which we can glimpse radiance that comforts, surprises, and assures.

Take a look and consider if you agree.


13 thoughts on “Consider the news. Consider the kids.

  1. The photos are, as usual, FANTASTIC! Bravo! If they were accompanied by only those words “Kids. They are a portal by which we can glimpse radiance that comforts, surprises, and assures.
    Take a look and consider if you agree”, I would stop at “Bravo!}

    But why and what for are all the words before the paragraph directly related to the photos? Why so sickeningly sweet words that witness that the author shut his eyes to the realities of life in Ecuador?

    There is rampant women’s abuse here. And, as I found out yesterday, from an FB case about public child abuse, there are not even any laws of child protection, and that child abuse is not that unusual. And that 12 people were watching as the mother beat and pulled her 2 year old child by the hair, and other horrors. And NOBODY, NOBODY even attempted to stop her. Not to mention the so called crime of opportunity, etc The greed is also here, as is the absolute lack of social consciousness – just look at the contrasts! Do not want to see them in Cuenca? Open your eyes when you leave the Cajas and approach Guayaquil, and in the areas of GYE that you pass.

    Yes, Ecuadorians are very polite and amicable, until, until it comes to monetary exchanges and business. And the country is beautiful. And, if you live here as a tourist, taking no interest in social issues, the life is never ending fiesta, on the budget you can afford 🙂 However, only a small part of Ecuadorians have the same budget.

    Are you planning, Robert, to live your life here as Robert in Wonderland? A man with the camera with pink colored mental filters?

    1. I am living my life the way I see fit. Insisting that I write as you see the world is mildly irritating, knock it off.

      1. My previous reply has not been published. cannot imagine why. Instead of repeating it, I will sum it up in one sentence – mama mia, yet another king has no clothes on 🙁 🙁

        1. What is the matter with you, Jane?! Did your mommy and daddy forget to hug you during childhood? Let me guess: you are divorced or never married. Shame on you – and your awful outlook on life – for criticizing the writer, who wrote a compelling story. And why do you hide your face and full name? Because you are ashamed of yourself like everyone else is of you?

    2. Ah, yet another expat with her bowels in an uproar. The writer made clear that the world is full of bad news — that’s why he provided some images and of words of hope. As far as violence against women and children goes, I can tell you that Ecuador does not have a corner on the market. I served on the board of directors of a domestic violence organization in Indiana for many years and can tell you that the problem is rampant and under-reported in the U.S. So Jane, lighten up. Pull your nose out of the gutter. See the bright eyes of the children. Otherwise, you bear out Kafka famous line: There is hope. Unfortunately, it’s not for her.

    3. Jane, you’re a pain in the ass. I’ve read all of your gratuitous attacks on Steve Fuerbacher on Gringo Post and realize you are just an angry soul with the need to attack anyone or everyone and you are willing to manufacture any pretext necessary to justify doing so.

      Make no mistake about it, I have no problem with attacks on others when those attacks are justified. I don’t even mind when I’m the object of such attacks if at a minimum, there is some sort of rational basis for them. Hell, I make such attacks myself and feel no need to apologize for them.

      Equally important, your underlying cause here is a just and important one. It is one I bring to light often myself. Woman and child abuse in Ecuador is as rampant and odious and I speak out about it publicly often. However, attacking Robert for not bringing this into his work———— a minor sin of omission at very worst———– does nothing more than call attention to your own anger and bitterness, not shed light on the situation we both abhor and condemn.

      I pity you.

      1. Apparently, there is more than one Jane here and you are not able to tell us apart. I have never attacked anybody anywhere, write very little, have never interacted with Steve.

        Apparently you are not able to read attentively. I complemented Robert for his photos and for the words related directly to those photographs.. Problems with understanding the English language?

        How sad, really. People do not even take the trouble to read before they begin blame others for all sins under the sun.

      2. StilllWatching, cannot see my reply to your customarily gracious post 🙁 . Perhaps CHL has introduced the GP practice of censorship, perhaps that reply, and two others to Robert, will appear shortly.
        I will not return your “compliments”. Your fame precedes you and, as I have read, people no longer pity you, they express other emotions towards you.

        As a self appointed intellectual authority and expert on every subject under the sun, you should refrain from your own verbal abuse of women. You should also take the trouble to read and understand the posts to which you are allegedly replying.

        You had a chance to separate apples from oranges, praise the pictures and take the discussion towards the necessity of Child Protection law in Ecuador, and towards us, Gringos, DOING something about helping both abused women and children. You could fulfill your ego by letting your intellect shine over the rest of us. And you missed your chance LOL

        As I have mentioned in my first reply to you, your furious intellect notwithstanding, you cannot distinguish writing styles of two writers named Jane. To help you, and others who come here to caress their own egos, I have become Jane #2.

        Hope Steve, who seems to be a literate person, knows that we have never had any exchanges. I know a lot about him because of Hannah, and because he likes to write 🙂 Do not recall ever interacting with him, much less attacking him

        1. I’ll let my already written words speak for themselves and yours, for you. Based on other reactions to your post, others see you for what you are and share my opinion.

  2. I like all of these, but I’d love to be able to talk to the kids in the first photo to see if Robert just happened upon them in that pose or if they were purposely goofin’ on people on the street to the left with what surely must have looked neat from someone looking toward that corner.. I want to believe that is the case and those were imaginative pranksters.

    Robert, I have a collection of the photos that you have sent me privately and I’m wondering if you can also send the published photos to that address? I’d love to be able to go over all of your work from time to time. You might consider publishing all of them to your own website. You know, the one you should consider building.

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