Consider the news. Consider the kids.

Sep 24, 2017 | 9 comments

By Robert Bradley

The news is laced with tragedy, destruction, fear, and foreboding.

Seemingly, at every turn, there is danger beyond understanding or even recognition while we are subjected to chattering pundits who pontificate on who did what to whom. It can be so confusing.

But, not for me. I hold fast against the tidal surge of cynicism, monetizing, politicising and pulpiteering.

I am also astonishingly fortunate to have found a home in Cuenca where the wisdom of ages is expressed in architecture and a vibrant art and music scene that inspires. And most important of all, there are guides readily available to remind me that kindness and virtue come easily.


They are a portal by which we can glimpse radiance that comforts, surprises, and assures.

Take a look and consider if you agree.


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