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High court rules that sexual predator registration law is unconstitutional

The Constitution Court ruled Friday that a law requiring the names of those convicted of sexual crimes be included on a public registry is unconstitutional. Passed by the National Assembly in November, President Lenin Moreno asked the court to review the law’s legality.

The Constitutional Court ruled that registration of those convicted of sex crimes is unconstitutional.

Citing constitutional language, the court said the law violated a provision that forbids “discrimination against a person based on his or her judicial past.” The constitution also says those convicted of crimes are entitled to rehabilitation that will restore all rights. “Item 2 of Article 11 of Ecuador’s constitution states that no one may be discriminated against on grounds of ethnicity, place of birth, age, sex, or judicial history,” the court wrote in its ruling.

The decision was criticized by National Assemblywoman Lourdes Cuesta, one of the law’s sponsors. “This action puts at risk children and adolescents from sexual aggressors,” she said, adding that she will explore other options for achieving the law’s intent, including amending the constitution.

15 thoughts on “High court rules that sexual predator registration law is unconstitutional

  1. Interesting ruling…They rule that it’s discrimination to name a predator..What’s up with Lenin and his hand picked Constitutional Court?

      1. And they’re pedophiles also, do not forget. That’s why they are protected. The so called LAWS are not for them, only for us, peasants of this Land…unfortunately!!

        1. Identifying yourself as a “peasant” is similar to calling yourself a “commoner” and that will get you in big trouble here. The elites will lash out at you without mercy.

  2. If it’s part of the sentencing agreement, why not? If they don’t agree to it then keep them in jail longer.

    1. Shouldn’t be part of agreement, they should let us know with names and photos of these criminals, to protect our children or elderly people. Why to protect them? Ohhh I know, HUMAN RIGHTS FOR CRIMINALS, ok. I got it now…they’re the only ones that apply to be protected by any laws, nobody cares if they rape your child or stole your wallet, ok. I got it…thanks Mr. President & HUMAN RIGHTS for doing such a great job…

  3. This going to be paradise in Ecuador for sexual predators, extremely sad they are putting everyone at risk.

    1. If you are from Ecuador Pamela, you know this is right.
      If you’re not from Ecuador, then, this is what happens here…
      I agree, this is still Paradise, a Paradise with bunch of criminals. A land of nobody, but them!!

  4. “The constitution also says those convicted of crimes are entitled to rehabilitation…”

    The problem with that is that sexual predators don’t rehabilitate. It is an ingrained character trait.

  5. This is beyond disgusting… predators are protected and allowed to prey on children repeatedly…

  6. If you cannot discriminate based upon judicial history, then why do they prohibit officials who are convicted of bribery from getting a second chance to do it again??? Is it that they need to give more people a chance to take bribes? Equal opportunity politics.

  7. What you well meaning Ladies are missing, is,

    1) “sexual predator” is not synonymous with pedophile….as Ms Courtes is saying…there are many categories, if you look at the law, that falls under this type of conviction. Logic dictates that sexual crimes, are not only pedophilia. Serving ones “time” for a crime, actually means they “paid their debt to society” however much some people disagree.

    2) there are also many persons in prison, who are innocent of the crimes they’ve been accused of and sentenced for. The justice system Has to apply the law, without emotion or political agendas.

    It’s popular now to bash men, unfairly, or to entrap them over sexual accusations! It’s NOT PC to say that most men, really aren’t predators or degenerates! Men….are getting a bad rap. Sweeping generalizations.

    With the over the top craziness of the “Me too” movement, and radical feminist, it is even MORE often times that a man gets accused of something they did not commit! I prescribe to the quarterly reports of Exonerations, granted in the U.S. alone, which lists and reports of the many (mostly men) who are exonerated yearly. they were, and not guilty of the crimes they served…for decades in prisons. They are only the tip of the iceberg….to the hundreds who could be exonerated for crimes they didn’t commit, but the legal system is broke.

    So….such sweeping indignant, conclusions, and overt assumptions, does more harm to justice and fairness, than it does good

    1. I agree with what you are saying, especially the first sentence. Many commentators on this thread are jumping to the conclusion that “sexual crime” equates to sexual predators and pedophilia. That’s not necessarily true. Most sexual crimes committed here in Ecuador are committed between family members, and not because some sexual predator is out stalking the schools and neighborhood. Do I have the hard facts to back up that statement? Nah, believe it or not. Those sick individuals who commit these types of crimes are more opportunists than repeat offenders. Another difference between Ecuador and elsewhere is that communities here are more close-knit. We don’t need the govt. to identify the wrong doers. Most of the time we already know who they are.

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