Construction resumes on Av. Lasso following agreement with Chinese contractor

Feb 3, 2016

The regional director of Ecuador’s Ministry of Transport and Public Works said work has resumed on the Av. Ordonez Lasso multi-laning project on Cuenca’s west side.

Construction workers pour concrete at Av Lasso work site.

Workers pour concrete at Av Lasso work site.

According to the government, construction has been plagued by work stoppages due to the financial difficulties of the Chinese company performing the work. “We believe that the problems that have caused the delays have been resolved,” said Boris Palacios, undersecretary of the transportation ministry. “We are working toward a July completion date,” he said.

In January, the government had said it was working to resolve a contract dispute with the Chinese company.

Residents and businesses along the road have mounted protests in recent weeks, complaining of abandoned works sites and lack of progress. Last week, they threatened to bring legal action if the work was not resumed. They have also complained about the use of the Chinese contractor who they say is incompetent and disrespectful to Ecuadorians.

On Monday, Lasso work crews began pouring concrete for the road surface in two locations. The projects covers 3.8 kilometers, from the Av. Las Americas redondele to the Cuenca-to-Guayaquil highway in the Cajas Mountains foothills.


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