Coopera defendant on the loose, Light show schedule, Is IVA headed higher? Report animal mistreatment, Activities for tercera edades

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Miércoles, 17/7/2019

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Planetario – The planetarium will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon mission with a photo exhibit which will run until 31/7. Other activities include a conference, “Misión Apolo 11” el jueves, 18/7 a las 18:30; a showing of the movie Apolo 11 el jueves 25/7 a las 18:00; and a childrens’ movie “Atrapa la Bandera” el viernes 26/7 a las 16:30.

Exposición – The show “Sin retorno” by Ismael Álvarez opened hoy en la Galería de la Alcaldía and includes 25 works showing the past, memories, and daily life.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Los emojis reemplazan a la palabra (Emojis replace the word) – Today is the Día Mundial del Emoji.

Light show at the Iglesia Virgen de Bronce.

Ladrilleras – Brickmakers in the Susudel parish of Oña cantón are mechanizing the way they prepare the clay. The machines cost between $2,500 and $10,000 and are replacing the oxen and horses that used to walk around on the clay. <I wonder how much manure wound up mixed into those old fashioned bricks?> Other improvements are better ventilation in the kilns which increases the temperatures without the use of oils and combustibles to fire the bricks. Brick makers are also buying scrap wood, especially eucalytus and other species used in reforestation so that the destruction of native species is decreased.

Light show – The “Instantáneas, momentos de luz” (“Snapshots, moments of light”) project started Wednesday with colored lights projected onto the facade of the iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen. It was the first of 5 projections. The next will be on the Monasterio de Las Conceptas el próximo 15/8. In septiembre, the show will be on the Museo de la Ciudad (the old Escuela Central), in octubre the Plaza del Herrero and the Casa de Chaguarchimbana, and the last in noviembre on the iglesia de la paroquia Turi. <A lot of the city should have a view of that one.>

Activities for seniors – The IESS is organizing activities for their affiliates of tercera edad this week to commemorate the Día de Jubilado Ecuatoriano (Ecuadorian Retired Peoples’ Day) tomorrow. Members of the Centro de Atención al Adulto Mayor (CAAM) of the IESS can attend workshops in music, dance, painting, crafts, yoga, theater, Tai Chi, bailoterapia, photography and more. There will be a gala party mañana a las 11:00 in the Quinta Lucrecia. El viernes there is an event, “El CAAM Tiene Talento” (CAAM has talent) and a Feria de Nutrición (Nutritional Fair) in the patios of the center at calle República y av. Huayna Cápac. <So a benefit from IESS for those of you who are members and can understand enough Spanish to follow along.>

Mistreatment of animals – You can report animal abuse to the Comisión de Gestión Ambiental (CGA) by calling 4134-900, ext. 1650. Leave your name, phone number, a description of the mistreatment, and where it occurred. Your personal information will remain private. <Just remember dogs in the US are overfed compared to dogs here so if a dog isn’t fat that doesn’t mean it’s starving.>

Free medical consultations – There is no charge for a general medical consultation in the Punto de Salud of the Farmacias Solidarias (Farmasol EP), a city business. It is next to the mercado 27 de Febrero on av. 10 de Agosto y Adolfo Torres. Hours are lunes a viernes de 8-13:00 and 14:30-17:30.

Coopera – The lawyer for Coopera depositors damaged when the Coopera closed submitted a formal claim to the Asamblea Nacional. One of the administrators who was under an arrest warrant for money laundering escaped the country, but has returned to Cuenca and is walking around free. <Pretty blatant.>

Increase in IVA? – In the agreement with the Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI -WMF) the government promised to increase tax collection by one and a half points in GDP through 2020. This represents $1.6 billion and IVA is being used because it generates the most income and is also the most collected. It also would not affect the costs of production. The increase would not apply to basic necessities – unprocessed foods, health, education and mass transportation. <It would be interesting if a tax increase would change eating habits so that sales of things like chips and cookies and soft drinks dropped.> The increase would be for an indefinite period.

Collection of IVA was $6.7 billion in 2018 versus Impuesto de la Renta (Income tax) which collected $5.3 billion in the same period. An academic speculated that the IVA rate would have to increase to 16%, and it would depress the economy, slow sales, depress production, reduce employment and create fear of investing.

Glovo – This multi-delivery app has been operating one year in Ecuador, with the “comida” (food) category the most requested. The Spanish company started service in Quito in junio, 2018 and now operates in Guayaquil and Cuenca.

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