Corpus Christi fireworks schedule adjusted, decibel levels to be lowered

Jun 2, 2017 | 0 comments

The Cuenca municipal council has reached agreement with pyrotechnic artists and event organizers to reduce the explosiveness of this month’s Corpus Christi festival and to end all activities in Parque Calderon by midnight.

Fireworks “castle” ignited in Parque Calderon.

Corpus Christi, or Setenario as it’s commonly called, features day-time sales of candies and cookies and nighttime entertainment and fireworks displays, and begins June 15, continuing for seven days.

Corpus Christi festivals were introduced in Latin America by the Catholic Church following the Spanish conquest, intended to replace the indigenous June solstice observance.

The environmental committee of the city council, working with fireworks makers, will determine how much explosive force can be packed into the fireworks “castles” that will be ignited each night during the festival. “We are taking these actions as a safety measure and also in consideration to historic district residents who have complained in the past about excessive noise,” says councilman Carlos Orellana.

“We’ve asked the artisans and sponsors to burn all the castles by 11 each night,” Orellana adds. “Our other requirement is that all events associated with Setenario be conducted with the family in mind. Children in particular enjoy the events and we want to keep it safe and appropriate for them.”

Orellana said that the fire department and military personnel will monitor fireworks displays.


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