Correa claims success for his ‘Citizen’s Revolution,’ says economy is recovering

Jan 16, 2017 | 15 comments

President Rafael Correa claims he will leave the country with a “stable and growing” economy and says his 10 years in office have been a turning point in the history of Ecuador.

President Rafael Correa

During his weekly address to the nation and in a Sunday interview, Correa said his government’s policies have changed the country “forever,” lifting millions out of poverty, improving infrastructure, health care and education. “I leave this country in much better shape than I found it,” he said. “The success of the Citizens’ Revolution” is clearly visible for all to see.”

At Saturday’s event in Guayaquil, Correa was joined by Alianza País presidential candidate Lenin Moreno, who also addressed the crowd, backing up the president’s claims. “We want to continue the work of the revolution,” Moreno said. “There will be some changes to reflect the realities of today, but we will continue the great work that the president has begun.”

Correa acknowledged that the fall in oil prices and last year’s earthquake have taken a toll on the the economy. “These events have complicated our lives and created economic conditions that continue to present a challenge,” he said. “But we are meeting that that challenges. By electing Pais candidates in February, we can insure that the recovery will continue.”

His remarks on an improving economy were quickly attacked by conservative presidential candidates Guillermo Lasso and Cynthia Viteri. “Where is the recovery?” Lasso asked. “Talk to the people of Ecuador and they will tell you that they are suffering.”

Correa blasted the opposition candidates for focusing on Petroecuador and Odebrecht bribery scandals, claiming that most of the corruption occurred outside of his government. “We are the party that fights corruption, not encourages it, and we will continue to be,” he said. “Our investigations into these cases are vigorous and we will bring to justice those responsible.”

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