Correa is offended by naval officer’s comments and outraged that his superiors did not punish him

Aug 27, 2016 | 0 comments

President Rafael Correa is mad as hell at what he considers disrespect for himself and the office of the presidency. He has filed legal action against a naval disciplinary board that refused to punish Lt. Edwin Ortega for responding in “offensive language” to a letter from the president regarding new rules for military retirement.

Rafael Correa

Rafael Correa

The disciplinary board ruled that Ortega’s response to Correa did warrant punishment since Correa was not his military superior.

Correa’s suit seeks to punish members of the disciplinary board for disrespecting the commander-in-chief. “They do not recognize the president as its highest authority, that’s what they said in their ruling against this brat who insulted me through social networks,” Correa said. “Their argument was that he should not be punished because I am not his superior. This is very serious breach of protocol,” he said.

Defense Minister Ricardo Patiño added that the naval board has invented a new theory: “That the president can be offended and insulted and it does not matter because he is not a military superior. This is not proper,” he said.

Ortega’s response was to Correa’s announcement of of reform to the Social Security Act of the Armed Forces that reduces benefits to most officers.

Correa’s case has been filed in the civil judicial unit in Guayaquil.


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