Correa ranks second in the world in presidential popularity

Mar 1, 2015

President Rafael Correa is the second most popular president or prime minister in the world, according to the International Political Communication Association. The Madrid-based group says Russia’s Vladimir Putin ranks first with public support of 87% among Russians while Correa receives a favorable rating from 79% of Ecuadorians.

Ecuador President Rafael Correa.

Ecuador President Rafael Correa.

The Communication Association used several polling services to compile their rankings for world leaders.

Two other South American presidents ranked third and fourth, immediately behind Correa. Bolivia’s Evo Morales received a favorable rating of 75% while Uruguay’s José Mujica was at 65%.

They were followed Germany’s Angela Merkel, Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Chile’s Michelle Bachelet.

Others ranking high in the Americas include U.S. President Barack Obama in 11th place, Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff (12th) and Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos (13th).

Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro ranked worst among world leaders.