Correa says his decision to leave office is final; says he is putting family priorities first

Feb 17, 2016 | 0 comments

President Rafael Correa says he will not change his mind about leaving the presidency next February when his term ends.

President Rafael Correa

President Rafael Correa

He was responding to a “draft Correa” campaign aimed at convincing him to run for a third term. The campaign proposes to rescind wording in a recently adopted constitutional amendment forbidding those currently in elected office who are under term limits from running again in 2017.

“I am honored that some people want me to continue but my decision to leave is final,” Correa said. “It is time for me to focus on my family,” he said.

The draft movement known as “Rafael, Always With Us,” has mounted a Twitter and email effort.

A Tuesday Twitter message from the campaign read, “We want you on the ballot Rafael! We are the millions that you have served and given everything to. We will fight for you to continue.”

In his response, Correa said it is time for him to pursue other interests. “The Citizens Revolution has accomplished great things in the past nine years and it will continue to improve the lives of Ecuadorians,” he said. “It is time for my supporters to rally behind new leadership.”

“At this point my family is my priority,” he continued. “I have made a promise to my wife and my parents-in-law in Belgium that we will live there. I have two daughters in university in France and I need to be closer to them.”



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