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Correa says he’ll be gone from politics for good when he leaves office in May

President Rafael Correa said Monday that he looks forward to leaving office when his term ends, May 24, and has no plans to return. “Yes, I’m going to withdraw from politics, hopefully forever,” he said Monday, speaking to an audience at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. “In politics as in life, no one is indispensable,” he added.

Correa speaking to Ecuadorian migrants in Madrid.

The president is in the final days of an international trip that took him first to the United Nations in New York, and then to Italy and Spain. Also on Monday, Correa met with Spanish king Felipe VI and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Speaking at Complutense, Correa said that Ecuador’s “citizens revolution” will have to continue under other leadership, saying he hoped to be succeeded by his former vice president, Lenin Moreno. “It is an election, of course, so it’s possible that someone else can win,” he said. “Ecuador will be fine in any case.”

Correa’s 10-year term is the longest of any democratically elected leader in Ecuador’s history.

He told the audience that he will move to Brussels after he leaves office and take a teaching position with a university. He and his Belgian-born wife, Anne Malerbe, own an apartment there.

As in previous comments,Correa did not absolutely, positively rule out a return to political life. “As I say, I would prefer to leave that behind me but no one can predict the future.”

  • Malcolm Reding

    He will be missed and his 10 years changed Ecuador forever for the best.

  • fredtover

    His pockets are full of graft and kickbacks from contractors so now he goes to live the good life in Europe…. congratulations Rafael!!!

    • koralys hidalgo

      that americans always speaking badly about south american countries without knowing natives lives history.I really don’t know why is that they leave their fabulous country so secure and fantastic.

    • Jason Faulkner

      It’s amazing how the US has been working to undermine him since before he was first elected (as shown by the Wikileaks cables) yet neither the CIA or the NSA have been able to find any evidence of your assertion. He must be the smartest person on the planet. I mean they’ve been hacking his emails, tapping his calls, planting bugs and paying informants and spies for a decade, yet they couldn’t get an ounce of dirt on him. Spectacular, don’t you think?

  • JoJo

    I am aware that Correa has had many detractors, but the public works projects he pushed will endure…long after he leaves office. Personally, I feel that he did much good for the residents of Ecuador…in the areas of roads, airports, dams, etc. the price of oil
    now…has created some economic distress in Ecuador…but that was not of his making. As for graft & corruption…..O.K. this is Latin America, you know. Es los que es. I wish him well in his new home of Brussels.

    • Jason Faulkner

      Everyone was screaming graft and corruption a few months ago when the Odebrecht case broke. Same with the PetroEcuador scandal. Have you noticed that none of the opposition politicians bring them up anymore? Absolute crickets. It was front-page news every day for the entire last quarter of 2016, now it’s buried on page 8. The private media (except El Comercio) is ignoring it despite arrests being made and hearings taking place every day.

      That’s because it has become clear that the only people involved turn out to be from the old-guard PSC, the office of the opposition mayor of Quito, the opposition mayor of Guayaquil (and his brother-in-law) and the lawyer for the Isaias brothers, the fugitive bankers with asylum in the US secured for them by US Senator Bob Menendez, currently under indictment for corruption. It was a campaign strategy that blew up in their faces once the details started to emerge. A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth even gets its boots on. Luckily Ecuador is small so the truth didn’t have to go far to catch up domestically. The international media is mostly silent on the last couple months of findings.

      Some of those involved are assembly candidates and therefore cannot be prosecuted during a campaign, nor can the prosecutors make any public allegations, but expect more arrests by the end of this month. The mayor of Quito is absolute toast. His own allies in the city council are grilling him on live television and he just sits there, refusing to answer anything and threatening to shut down the council meeting. His longtime right-hand man and “unpaid consultant” is sitting in jail right now trying to explain how
      someone who claims no income for the past several years is receiving deposits in an offshore Panama account for
      over 5 million dollars. Guillermo Lasso, the presidential candidate and leader of the party with whom he formed a coalition on the council, publicly distanced himself stating that his alliance is with SUMA (the mayor’s party), not with Rodas. For the past couple weeks he’s just been hunkered down and refusing to answer questions. Expect him to be in Miami fighting extradition very soon (just like his patrons the Isaias Brothers).

      But we’re still waiting for dirt on Correa.