Correa Tweets his dissatisfaction with new government, scolds Alianza País members

Jun 15, 2017 | 0 comments

Former president Rafael Correa is intensifying his criticism of the government of new President Lenin Moreno, warning that a “lack of discipline” within the Alianza País party undermines its original objectives.

Ex-President Rafael Correa .

Among the ex-president’s latest claims is that the executive and judicial branches of the government are allowing the political opposition to dictate terms of the current investigations into corruption. “Many people seem more interested in winning political trophies than fighting against wrong-doing,” he said in one Tweet.

Correa said that members of Alianza País in the National Assembly were abandoning positions established during his 10 years in office. “I don’t know if it is out of clumsiness or disloyalty, but they are distancing themselves from the principles I helped establsih.”

Correa helped organize Alianza País before his first presidential campaign in 2006.

Last week, Correa criticized some of the economic plans laid out by the Moreno government to work more closely with the private sector. “We have always worked with the private businesses,” he Tweeted. “They make it sound like this was ignored by my government and there is a new policy.”

In another Tweet, he said he saw signs of a “neoliberal drift,” meaning a movement to the political right.

Officials of Alianza País have had little to say about Correa’s Tweet storms, although former the Assembly President says that different times and circumstances dictate a different approach to governing.

Current Assemblyman Jorge Yunda acknowledged that there have been policy changes since Moreno assumed office. “There are divergences from the old way of doing things and this is inevitable,” he said. “On the other hand, Correa has every right to say what he wants. We will always listen.”


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