Correa wants to end ‘absurd formalities’

Jun 22, 2014

President Rafael Correa has announced a new service to allow Ecuadorians to report inefficiency in government offices and as well as what he called “absurd formalities.”

“We talk about the good life in Ecuador but part of this is to make government services friendlier and more effective for the people,” Correa said. “We need to reduce paperwork and shorten the time it takes for a citizen to accomplish their task.”

Ecuadorians can report inefficiency or “absurdity” at a new website,, to be operated by the Office of Public Administration.

Vinicio Alvarado, Secretary of Public Administration, said Tramitón is not meant to punish government employees but to provide guidance to improve their services.

Correa added: “We need the help of our citizens by reducing the red tape and wasted time in government offices.”