Correistas consider sanctions against members who broke ranks and voted for tourism law

Mar 26, 2024 | 0 comments

Seven members of the Citizens Revolution National Assembly delegation are being called “traitors” and “Judases” for joining the majority Thursday in supporting the passage of President Daniel Noboa’s tourism law.

Citizens Revolution Assemblywoman Gissela Garzón

“It gives me great sadness as we approach Holy Week that seven Judases in our midst voted in favor of a law that ultimately harms Ecuadorians,” said Assemblyman Blasco Luna.

According to Luna, the party will make certain that the seven lawmakers will not be candidates for the Assembly in the 2025 election.

Among the Correistas who broke with the party line to support the tourism legislation are Rafael Correa’s sister Pierina Correa and frequent party spokesperson Pamela Aguirre.

Former Citizen Revolution presidential candidate Andrés Arauz called the seven defectors “traitors” and said their votes for the opposition jeopardizes the effectiveness of the party heading into next year’s election. “Just 10 months before one of the most crucial elections in the country’s history, we witness this outrageous break in discipline,” he said. “This threatens the strength of our movement and cannot be tolerated.”

A former advisor to the Correista movement, Pablo Ortiz, said the defections could be the beginning of a split in the movement. “Three RC assembly members have given interviews recently proposing a new ‘collective’ of center-leftist proposals that moves away from the aggressiveness of the past,” he says. “I would not be surprised to see more rifts develop within the party as we approach the election.”

In a Sunday interview, Citizens Revolution assemblywoman Gissela Garzón sidestepped a question about Luna’s and Arauz’s comments, but said some disciplinary action is being planned for the seven defectors. “The RC ethics committee is discussing the action we will take and will announce its decision soon,” she said.

Garzón added that the sanctions could range from warnings to temporary suspensions. “The emphases will be on the obligation members have to the party and to our mission.”

She added: “It is my hope that this dispute can be resolved with no further damage to the Citizens Revolution. We need all hands on board for the coming campaign.”


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