Correistas launch a new party: Revolucion Alfarista

Mar 2, 2018 | 0 comments

By Jamil Enrique Moscoso Villegas

The followers of former president Rafael Correa have decided on a name for their new political party: Revolucion Alfarista. Their first choice was Revolucion Ciudadana, but it was already being used by Alianza Pais, the party they broke away from that is currently controlled by supporters of President Lenin Moreno.

Supporters of former president Rafael Correa will call themsleves Revolucion Alfarista.

In a December decision, the National Electoral Council (CNE) rejected the group’s request for use Revolucion Ciudadana.

The new name, honoring early 20th century President Eloy Alfaro, was chosen during the organization’s first national meeting, in Duran.

In choosing the name Revolucion Alfarista, the Correistas say they are a revolutionist left-wing organization that will continue to fight for former vice president Jorge Glas’ liberty who was ‘‘illegally and unfairly imprisoned,’’ as well as for other left-wing causes.

The organization also seeks to thank the “no voters” in the February referendum, which it considered unconstitutional. In particular, they plan to build a base in Manabi Province, the only province in Ecuador where “no” votes won a majority on any of the seven ballot questions.

The Duran meeting was attended by high-ranking representatives of the new group, including Pedro de la Cruz, Virgilio Hernandez, Pabel Muñoz, Ricardo Patiño, and Gabriela Rivadeneira, among others.

In addition to selecting the new name, former National Assembly president Gabriela Rivadeneira said that the purpose of the meeting was to plan strategy as a minority party in the National Assembly and to begin he process of selecting candidates for the 2019 election.

Revolucion Ciudadana will have a delegation of 29 in the assembly.


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