Is the Covid-19 virus really less deadly than the common flu? Questions and answers

May 1, 2020 | 51 comments

By Anthony J. Castiglia, M.D.

After reviewing the various information on the Covid-19 virus issues, I am submitting this opinion based on the content herein. The opinion is not to denigrate information currently gathered but rather to motivate inquiries to substantiate the content of the information.

Due to the overwhelming information that one receives via governments and the main stream media, it can be challenging to bring some cIarity to what has been going on in the world. This article is based on my medical practice of having successfully treated patients through viral pandemics such as the SWINE, SARS and others as well as my personal professional opinion. The statistical data in this opinion is based on U.S. data.

Gathering statistics for Ecuador at the present time has presented conflicting information due to the lag in time of reporting and validity of the data gathered. If requested, a separate report on Ecuador only can be produced.

QUESTION #1: Is the covid19 virus pandemic more dangerous than the seasonal flu
With the flu season waning as it usually does at this time of the year, the number of deaths attributed to the Covid-19 is 65,605 and the case count is 1,130,476 in the U.S. as of May 1. How does that compare with the 2017-18 flu season where the CDC reported an estimated 60,000 to 80,000 died on 29 million recorded cases? CDC called it the worse flu epidemic in 40 years (See this on CDC web site). Why is this Covid-19 virus so dangerous? Did countries lock down, quarantine their citizens and close their companies during that flu season of 2017-18? Unless the CDC statistics are factually proven incorrect, it is a resounding NO.

What is going on now? The current statistics are far from factual in that many deaths attributed to the Covid-19 virus where from other causes of pre-existing morbidities. The mortality rate of this terrible pandemic is around 5% which is typical for the yearly flu. Currently, statistics show a survival rate that is in the mid 90%. This should help to ease your fears. Fear can be disabling, immobilizing and controlling of emotions which can interfere negatively with your very important immune system which is needed to protect you against this infection.

A Chinese lab worker.

Questions arise concerning current practices. If flattening of the curve of the virus has somewhat occurred, can we hear more detail on how the flattening happened? What percentage of the those living in a flattened curve area are still or have always been infectious? Is social distancing, quarantining, and mask wearing along with media concern presentation affecting our immune system in a negative manner? These practices are already showing collateral damage in the way of increased domestic violence and suicides. Plus getting into natural light bolsters our immune system and spirits.

Why does the (RT- PCR) test have an 80% false positive result and does it increase fear and challenge the immune system? Have the resulting stigmas from both negative and positive tests been thought of after the quarantine/lockdown began or have been addressed? How many people in the world are really healthy considering obesity and those taking prescription medications. Healthy lifestyle people will at most experience having a cold. Will most healthy people practicing healthy lifestyles based on current statistics die from the virus? Most likely not.

QUESTION #2 Did the virus came from a bat or the Wuhan wet market
The current mainstay reason is that the virus was transmuted from a bat to a human after it had escaped from the Wuhan Bio lab. A similar story claims that the Lyme disease organism also escaped from the Plum Island Bio Lab. This current virus was man-made with its purpose currently debatable and yes it may have escaped into the public. Eminent biological expert, Dr. Luc Montagnier, who discovered the HIV or aids virus and refutes the bat origin.

QUESTION #3: Will the Covid-19 vaccine save the world and humanity
Flu vaccines according to the CDC are generally only about 40% effective, therefore 60% of the population is not protected. Is this not great to know? The usual flu vaccines are based on a guess to what virus was in the last flu and what virus might emerge this year which accounts for its low prevention rate.

It would be interesting to know how many of the real Covid-19 deaths were vaccinated previously. The new Covid-19 immunization is being touted as the salvation of humanity. So far, accumulated information conveys that it will be based on a DNA sequence which will change your own DNA and could most likely have an RFID chip so one can be monitored more closely.

There is an increasing population that is resisting the use of certain or all vaccines. Some physicians that witnessed the dangerous side effects some vaccines produced will not recommend any vaccines since witnessing too many of their dangerous side effects. In fact, there were so many serious vaccine side effects that pharma lobbied the U.S. Congress to pass a law to make them liability exempt from vaccine injuries in the 1980s. Taxpayers now foot the expense for pharma’s vaccines. Personally, I have not taken any vaccines since I retired from the US Navy in 1963 and never had the flu.

Question #4: Was Covid19 a spontaneous naturally occurring event
In October 2019 there was a meeting of health officials from Johns Hopkins Medical along with representatives of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; the telecom industry; the hospitality industry and several other industries. The meeting’s name was Event 201. It was convened to discuss what needed to be done if we were subjected to a hypothetical coronavirus epidemic in the future. Subsequently, three or four months later we have a coronavirus pandemic. Coincidence or were these Event 201 individuals aware of what was going to happen? Do we have a pandemic derived from a PLANdemic? Here’s a description of the scenario to be planned for!!

Raising the existence of these questions, one may ask if we have been deceived by our government and health organizations such as the CDC, NIH, and the UN controlled WHO. Hopefully, Ecuador is exercising discretion in its practices for this pandemic and questions the WHO on its directions that statistical analyses contradict.

What To Do
Hopefully, this information will assist you in banishing your fears which will help your immune system to cope better with Covid19. Stay relaxed and use your confinement for educational endeavors. Remember, fear can mean False evidence appearing real.

Keep well hydrated with pure water and if possible, drink high alkaline water at a pH of 8.5 which can be made by dissolving ½ teaspoon of baking soda in a gallon of pure water. The reason being that the corona virus is positively charged so it attaches easily to our negatively charged cells whereas alkalizing our cells changes the polarity of our cells making the virus less able to attach to our body’s cells.

Eat more amounts of low glycemic fruits and vegetables. Reduce or eliminate high glycemic carbohydrates, GMO foods, sugars, high fructose corn syrup, soft drinks and alcohol.


Exercise using yoga, martial arts or Tai Chi.
Meditate or use other relaxing modalities.
Get adequate rest or sleep.
During these stressful times, take vitamins A, C, D and minerals such as zinc and selenium which bolster the immune system under a doctor guidance if you have one.

Other Thoughts
If you pray, do pray. Have an attitude of gratitude for every day you are on this side of the turf.

Some studies have shown that close proximity to multiple electronic devices in operation or on an extended basis like cell phones and other electronic mobile devices can be harmful. If this concerns you, practice electronic device distancing accordingly. Turn off your router when not using it and especially at night.

Your immune system is your fighter. Give it a chance to recover from the daily rounds it fights for you.


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