Cuban journalist claims her visa was cancelled illegally, asks Ecuador court to reinstate it

Jul 10, 2024 | 0 comments

Cuban journalist Alondra Santiago has asked Ecuador’s judicial system to annul a government decision of to expel her from the country, an act she claims is related to her criticism of President Daniel Noboa. Through her lawyer Carlos Soria, Santiago insists on a protection action whereby the government is obliged to return her visa and reveal the reports the government said justified her expulsion.

Cuban journalist Alondra Santiago

Soria maintained that, with the government decision, the defendant has seen her rights to freedom, free communication, dissemination of information and due process violated.

In her filing, Soria accused the Noboa administration of allegedly skipping the administrative procedure by making the decision to cancel Santiago’s visa without first notifying her of the process, denying her the opportunity of presenting a defense.

The Ecuadorian magistrate in charge of evaluating the request suspended a Monday hearing to give Santiago time to compile and present documents in her defense.

The government notified Santiago June 24 that it was withdrawing her permanent residence visa on the grounds of alleged acts against national security, based on a “secret report”. In videos broadcast on social networks, Santiago had been critical of Noboa. She had also supported Luisa González, Noboa’s opponent, in the last presidential election.

Credit: Translating Cuba


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