Cuenca 2016 independence holidays will host an international food fair

Oct 12, 2016 | 0 comments

In addition to offering what some call the world’s largest crafts fair, next month’s Cuenca independence celebration will also host an international food fair.

A food display in the Mayor's Gallery.

A food display in the Mayor’s Gallery.

The event, to be called Latitud Cero Sabor y Tierra, will feature international and Ecuadorian cuisine along the banks of the Rio Tomebamba during the Cuenca holidays, November 2 to 5.

The food fair is being sponsored by the Cuenca Tourism Foundation, which says the event is intended to build a reputation for international food in Cuenca. “The central idea is to present the best food of Ecuador to the world, but also to invite international chefs to share their recipes with us,” says Tania Sarmiento, foundation director.

“This will be a fabulous addition to the holidays,” she adds. “Tourists and residents will not only be able to see and buy crafts and art, but they will be able to enjoy world-class food.”


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