Cuenca airport repaving project is on schedule, authorities say

Aug 30, 2016 | 6 comments

Juan Fernandez, executive director of the Cuenca Airport Corporation, reports that resurfacing work at the Mariscal La Mar Airport is 45% complete and is on schedule to be completed within the 30 days specified in the contract.

Runway resurfacing at the Cuenca airport.

Runway resurfacing at the Cuenca airport. (El Tiempo)

The project, being carried out by Hidalgo e Hidalgo, consist of milling and resurfacing of 1,900 meters by 15 meters. According to Fernandez, friction and run-off tests are being conducted on a continuing basis to make sure the new surface meets the international aviation requirements. So far, he says, all tests have been positive.

Cuenca Mayor Marcelo Cabrera toured the project Saturday and said that the new layer of asphalt should be fully applied by Thursday. Once completed, the surface requires four to five days to dry. “We are pleased with overall progress and particularly happy that the tests show the work meets the standard for all-weather landings and take-offs,” he said.

Ecuador’s civil aviation authority had restricted runway use to dry weather conditions following the April 29 accident in which a Tame jet skidded off the runway during wet weather.

Meanwhile, Inter-provincial Austro Transportation Alliance (ATRAIN),  says the bus service from the airport to Guayaquil and Quito is running smoothly.

The airport is expected to reopen on September 21, pending final runway tests.

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