Cuenca-Azogues freeway nears completion, Hernán Illescas exhibit, Cajas park cameras capture rare animals

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Lunes, 17/7/2016

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Paja toquilla – A free <a word guaranteed to get the attention of retired gringos> workshop on “Enseñanza de Tejido de Sombero y Manualidades en Paja Toquilla” (Teaching of Hat Weaving and Straw Crafts) started Monday in the Economuseo Municipal Casa del Sombrero (Rafael María Arízaga y Luis Cordero).

Articles about –

Ethnographic gallery – The ethnographic exhibits at the Museo Pumapungo will reopen at the end of this month after remodeling. The exhibits will represent areas of the coast, sierras and jungle. There will be an area for the tzantzas. (Shrunken heads.) <Irate tourists would probably try to burn down the museum if the tzantzas got removed. The promise of shrunken heads seems like enough to make a bored 9-year-old suffer through the rest of the exhibits.>

Exhibit – There is a show of Hernán Illescas’ work at the Casa de la Provincia until the end of the month.

Casa Abierta (Open House) – There will be an open house on Simón Bolívar with an exhibit of academic posters. It will be on viernes, 21/7 a las 11:00 in the Centro Cultural Minicipal Quinta Bólivar.

Tops (the spinning kind) – A foto of 5 guys, artists who went to the same school, holding handmade tops.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Reconstrucción de vía cumple 4 años (Reconstruction of road lasts 4 years) – The vía Cuenca-Azogues is 90% complete and should be ready en noviembre. Work started in agosto of 2013 and was supposed to be finished in 2015. Current work includes road stabilization at the entrance to Turi, a new interchange at El Valle, and protective netting on slopes in Ucubamba and Challuabamba. A bridge “carrozable” (able to be driven on – your word (or suffix) for the day) will be added at the request of residents of the Zhullin sector.

Cámaras trampa (trap cameras) – The 40 cameras that ETAPA installed in the Parque Nacional Cajas and 12 adjoining forests have captured photos of 19 types of medium and large mammals. 8 of them were unusual in that they weren’t previously known to inhabit those areas and included the spectacled bear, puma, pudo (like a deer), tigrillo, cabeza de mate (kind of a badger?), guatusa de la costa, coatí de la costa and Andean tapir which is in danger of extinction <and looks as if it couldn’t decide whether it wanted to look like an elephant or a pig>.

Bus accident – The rest of the victims of the bus accident and fire were identified. The only bodies that were identified on sábado were those of the driver and a 7 year old boy who was thrown from the bus.

Tourist routes – The Fundación Municipal Turismo has a link on with recommendations for tourist activities including artesanos’ studios, adventure routes and plant and wildlife watching.

Descuentos y compras –

More car ads –
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