Cuenca curfew reduced; Local referendum would protect water sources; Teachers demand back pay; Kids return to Hogar Miguel León

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Miércoles, 2/9/2020

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Titular – Protestas y carencias al comenzar clases (Protests and absences when starting classes) – The school year in the Sierra and Oriente started yesterday with 288,438 students and about 18,000 teachers in Azuay, Cañar and Morona Santiago. It is estimated that only 60% of the students have internet access with their own or a borrowed device. The rest of the students will be instructed through radio, TV, and instructional papers. 10% of the students are learning from the instructional materials alone.

Teachers protested because they had not been paid for julio y agosto while their out of pocket expenses for better technology and internet increased. Because of the virtual format, teachers are receiving calls from students and parents outside of their normal work days.

Cuenca teachers demand July and August payment.

Redes sociales serán claves en las electiones (Social networks will be key in the elections) – Candidates for office will be using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to achieve their positions in the 2021 elections. The CNE does not have regulations for this type of campaign which does not receive public financing and could start earlier than the official date of 31/12, and end on the same day as the elections. A paid political advertisement in Facebook can can reach 12 of the 13 million voters in Ecuador. A study done for pre-candidates found that the average of Ecuadorian voters is 28 and their main means of interaction is through social networks. <I hope that voters won’t treat the elections like a computer game.> Candidates and counselors have asked for regulations for this type of campaign and rules against false or fake news since there is currently no legislation governing this area.

Niños regresan al Hogar Miguel León (Children return to Hogar Miguel León) – The orphans who were quarantined outside of the Hogar Miguel León have returned to the shelter which also houses elderly adults many of whom were infected with Covid. This week, this shelter, along with the Tadeo Torres and Cristo Rey homes, received donations from private businesses, the Gobernación del Azuay and the Municipalidad de Cuenca.

Toque de queda se reduce en Cuenca (Curfew is reduced in Cuenca) – The Secretaria Nacional de Gestión de Riesgos (National Secretary of Risk Management) confirmed that it will not adopt new provisions about the curfew for the remaining 10 days of the State of Emergency. The Gobernación del Azuay announced that the curfew which is now from 21:00 to 5:00 will be reduced to 23:00 to 5:00 since the canton is under the yellow light. This measure also removes the controls on social and business meetings which can return to a maximum 25 person capacity. Vehicular restrictions will remain until 12/9 with even numbered license plates allowed to drive this Sunday. <Even your grammar police know what I mean – the driver who owns the car with an even numbered plate can drive that car this Sunday.>

Cinco preguntas analizan para consulta (Five questions analyzed for referendum) – The Cuenca city council analyzed 5 questions for a referendum on mining that were prepared by a citizens’ organization called Cabildo Cuencano por el Agua. The 5 questions are all similar and the difference is in the location specified for protection. #1: Are you in agreement with the prohibition of large scale metal mining exploitation in the water recharge zone of the río Tarqui as delimited by ETAPA? #2: ……río Yanuncay….? #3: …..río Tomebamba…? #4: …río Machángara….? #5: Are you in agreement with the prohibition of medium scale metal mining exploitation in the water recharge zone of th río Norcay as delimited by ETAPA? A specialist in Constitutional Rights explained that the GADS (gobiernos autónomos descentralizados) can ask for a referendum with the support of 3/4 of the members of their city councils. The questions need to go through a constitutional review by the Corte Constitucional del Ecuador. If approved, it then passes to the CNE (Consejo National Electoral) to bring it to a popular vote. The petition by Yaku Pérez was rejected not on its topic, but for other errors.

Buses urbanos servirán hasta las 20:00 (Urban buses will run until 20:00) – Buses will run until 20:00 at night. The president of the CTC (Cámara de Transporte de Cuenca) said the 475 urban buses are disinfected every day and asked that riders cooperate by keeping them clean since in the last few days there have been stained seats and garbage not in the garbage cans. The buses will run at 75% capacity. <And everyone will stay on the Tranvía at 100% capacity until it’s not free anymore.>

Reapertura de UPC en barrio Huayna Cápac (Reopening of UPC in the Huayna Cápac neighborhood) – The Unidad de Policía Comunitaria “San Blas” has reopened near the mercado 12 de Abril. it will be staffed with 9 officers working 8 hour shifts so that there will usually be 3 officers on duty.

La “Churona” sobrevolerá capital azuaya (The “Churona” will fly over the capital of Azuay) – The Archdiocese of Cuenca has announced that the sacred image of the Virgen de el Cisne will fly over Cuenca next week. Because of the health emergency restrictions, there will be fewer people making the pilgrimage to Loja this year. There is the possibility that “La Churonita” will fly over other cantons between the 7 & 12/9. The archbishop is waiting for confirmation from the Armed Forces which will provide a helicopter. The overflight for Cuenca has been requested for 8/9 to commemorate the birth of the Virgen.

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Phase 3 testing of Covid vaccine – Astrazeneca and the U. of Oxford are looking for 30,000 volunteers in 80 areas of the US to participate in phase 3 testing of their vaccine. Volunteers must be over 18 and have previously given their informed consent. Either the vaccine or a placebo will be given in two doses, 4 months apart. <Bill Gates’ injectable nano-trackers will not be part of this test. Or maybe they will be.>

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