High-tech Cuenca televisions coming soon to a store near you

May 23, 2014 | 0 comments

Cuenca television manufacturer Motsur is entering a new production phase, incorporating the lastest technology into its new models.
chl motsur
It has announced plans to produce a high-definition 55-inch television that can be operated by voice and hand and eye movement instead of a remote control. It will sold under the TCL brand name.

Andrés Tapia, Motsur plant manager, says the use of the new technology will put his company at the forefront of the industry. “Our biggest challenge in Ecuador is to keep pace with high tech advancements. The new model that we will produce will not only help us keep pace but will put us ahead of the tech curve,” he said.

Motsur has been producing 19-, 24- and 32-inch tvs for five years, averaging 300 units a day although maximum captacity is 500, according to Tapia. The company imports computer chips and other components from Korea and Japan but uses 30% of Ecuadorian produced materials as well. “The amount of locally produced parts and materials continues to rise and our goal is to reach 50% within two years,” Tapia says. Motsur buys some of its computer chips from Tarpuq, another Cuenca company.

Because it does not pay import duties, Tapai says the new televisions will be sold for about $2,000. This compares with similar high-definition LG and Sony mdels, which sell for $3,500 to $5,000.


Photo caption: Motsur production plant in Cuenca; photo credit: El Mercurio


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