Holiday sales already going strong on Doce de Abril

Oct 30, 2014

Although the date of Cuenca’s independence from Spain doesn’t arrive officially until Monday, holiday activities are already in full swing. Vendors of crafts, housed in white tents along Av. Doce de Abril, have been busy making sales since Tuesday.

Vendor tents on Av. Doce de Abril.

Vendor tents on Av. Doce de Abril.

Doce de Abril sidewalks will get even busier tomorrow when artisans sponsored by the Inter-American Center of Crafts and Folk Art (CIDAP) set up shop. The CIDAP tents line both banks of the Tomebamba River in front of the CIDAP Museum, adjacent to Doce de Abril. The CIDAP vendors come from Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and several African countries as well as Ecuador.

In addition to the Doce de Abril, crafts fairs are underway at Otogrongo Plaza, Civic Plaza, Plaza de los Herrerías and other locations around the city. Other vendors, including Cusco, Peru artisans, are setting up their own fairs.

Holiday events scheduled for today include a special exhibit of Cuenca history at the Modern Art Museum, an exhibit of San Bartolome guitars, and a food fair featuring Mexican cuisine. Tonight, there’s an exhibit of European art starting at 5 p.m. at Conde Gallery on Calle Larga, a choral and orchestral concert paying homage to Cuenca, at 8 p.m. at Sucre Theater, and another concert scheduled for the same time in Parque Calderon.

For a full schedule of activities, pick up a holiday agenda at restaurants, hotels or the iTur office, or go online to