Measures taken to make up lost time in tram construction

Jul 16, 2014 | 0 comments

Following last week’s announcement that Cuenca’s tram project is five to six months behind schedule, Mayor Marcelo Cabrera says that the number of workers on the project will be increased and work hours will be extended in an effort to make up lost time.
chl tram cabrera
Cabrera blames the delays on poor planning during the administration of previous mayor Paúl Granda. Cabrera says that in addition to unrealisitic scheduling, there were “glaring failures” in matching equipment and manpower at the beginning of the project.

“There were also late changes to the original plan, such as the station at the Civic Plaza on Sangurima, that were not properly detailed,” Cabrera said.

In addition to plans to speed up the work schedule, Cabrera says that construction barriers will be repositioned on Av. Las Americas to allow two lanes of traffic in both directions. “Too much space was set aside for construction and it has resulted in terrible traffic jams,” Cabrera said. “A small adjustment will relieve the pressure.”

In addition to opening of extra traffic lanes in the construction area, Cabrera says that inter-cantonal and inter-provincial buses will be rerouted from the Av. Las Americas construction zone to the Cuenca – Azogues highway and to Av. Ordoñez Lasso.

Photo caption: Mayor Marcelo Cabrera at tram construction site on Av. Las Americas.


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