CUENCA DIGESTCEBA charity fundraising efforts at $1,300 and counting

Apr 4, 2011

To date, the Cuenca Expatriate Benevolent Association (CEBA) has raised $650 through the inaugural session of Gringo Bingo, various “passing-the-hat” opportunities, and blog posts.

This amount will be matched by a donor who has asked to remain anonymous; the donor has pledged to match dollar for dollar all money raised up to $2,000. Thus, the total raised thus far to help support seven-year-old Mateo and his family is $1,300.

An architect has assembled a list of building supplies needed to take construction of the house of Mateo’s family, which collapsed in a rainstorm, to the next level. Some of these supplies have been donated; others will be bought with CEBA donations. These supplies include concrete blocks, bags of cement, and bulk sand. Mateo's father, who works in construction, says that he has help to rebuild, if supplies can be provided. Details and photos of this project can be seen on the CEBA blog.

The second Gringo Bingo fundraising session will be held on Saturday April 9 at 2 p.m. at DiBacco's Restaurant. The restaurant is offering a four-choice lunch special at noon preceding the bingo game.