CUENCA DIGESTFinancial Times gives Cuenca another top ranking; judge rules against Coopera members information request

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According to the Financial Times of London, Cuenca ranks number one in the western hemisphere in the cost – benefit category of its “Small Cities of the Future” survey.

Other cities making the top ten are Guaymas, Colima and Nogales, México; Antofagasta, Chile; Potosí, Bolivia; Neuquen and Comodoro, Argentina; Sobral, Brasil, and Abbotsford, Canada.chl tourists3

The Financial Times report said that money goes further in Cuenca for both living and business expenses. The newspaper’s survey also considers such factors as quality of life, culture and infrastructure.

Trajan Bermeo, manager of Cuenca’s Economic Development Forum said that he was pleased with the survey results, especially the recognition of the high quality of municipal services such as water quality and service, Internet and telephone service and public transportation. “This tells the world that Cuenca is a first-class city, one where people want to live and do business.”

Bermeo said that increase in the number of tourists visiting Cuenca and the city’s recognition as an international retirement destination, were factors in the ranking. “It is gratifying that the Financial Times is joining other publications and websites in acknowledging Cuenca’s rising stature in the world.”

U.S. News and World Report, Yahoo, ABC News, Live and Invest Overseas and the Huffington Report have featured Cuenca in recent articles.

Judge rules against Coopera members’ request

For the second time in two months, a judge has rejected an appeal by members of Coopera to make the government reveal information that led to the closure and liquidation of the Cuenca financial cooperative.

Temporary judge Franklin Barahona sided yesterday with the Superintendencia de Economía Popular y Solidaria (SEPS) position that the information must remain sealed. SEPS claims that releasing the information could cause harm to those identified in documents of the Coopera closure procedings.

Carlos Heredia, attorney for a group of Coopera members who have not been repaid, argued that the information was necessary to help his clients reclaim lost funds. He said that witholding information amounts to a violation of his clients’ rights.

Heredia said he will appeal the ruling.

Draft of alcohol ordinance goes to city council

A special committee studying revisions to Cuenca’s law governing sale and consumption of alcholic beverages has submitted a draft ordinance to the city council.

According to committee member and councilman Wilson Muñoz, much of the proposed ordinance was taken from an ordinance recently adopted in Quito.

The proposals include adjustment of hours of sale by stores, bars and restaurants, prohibition of sale at some neighborhood tiendas, prohibition of free alcohol distribution during festivals and special events, and a public information campaign.

Photo caption: European tourists in Cuenca


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