CUENCA DIGESTFlights to Northern Peru studied by local, national agencies

May 1, 2009 | 0 comments

The feasibility of international flights between Cuenca and cities in Northern Peru is being studied by the Cuenca Airport Corporation, the Ecuador Office of Civil Aviation and the city of Cuenca.

Cuenca airport officials report that most of the infrastructure is in place for new flights. The only missing element is immigration processing facilities but, according to airport director Eduardo Ramirez, the space was allocated in the remodeling project completed in the fall.

According to Ramirez, the need for Cuenca-to-Peru flights is evident. “There is demand not just from tourists but from the business community too. I’ve talked to many people in the tourism business and they say flights would be very popular.”

Peruvian cities being considered as Cuenca air-links include Piura, Cajamarca and Chiclayo.

Chamber of Commerce urges cooperation with Correa administration 

Henry Talbot, president of the Cuenca Chamber of Commerce, is telling local businesses that it is time to rally behind President Correa and work to improve relationships with the Quito administration.

“During the political campaign there was a lot of uncertainty about the future as it relates to the business community,” Talbot said. “Now that some of the uncertainty has been been eliminated, it’s time to work together to improve the relationship between businesses and the government.”

According to Talbot, one thing that Correa's reelection may have accomplished is to "put to bed" talk of Ecuador replacing the U.S. dollar. "The adminstration has no interest in doing this and most of the speculation about it was because of the uncertainty of the election."

Talbot says he is looking forward to a period of stability that will be good for business. “It will allow us to make plans and execute investments knowing that the rules will not be in a constant state of change.”

A focus for the Chamber of Commerce, Talbot said, is to work with banks to relax constraints on credit. “This is a problem that is world-wide but we feel it very painfully in Cuenca and Ecuador. We want to see the money begin to ‘flow’ again to responsible business people who need it.”

Photo caption: President Correa stumping on the campaign


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