CUENCA DIGESTMotor vehicles generate most of Cuenca´s air pollution

Dec 13, 2010 | 0 comments

A survey by Cuenca´s Vehicular Technology Review committee reports what most Cuencanos already know: that most of the city´s air pollution is the result of bus, car and truck exhaust. The survey found that 85% to 90% of pollution is caused by the city´s 80,000 vehicles.

According to Rolando Arpi, director of the survey, Cuenca has relatively little industrial pollution. “We need to concentrate on reducing the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide produced by motor vehicles.”

Arpi´s office has established a laboratory to monitor air quality and work toward making sure the worst polluting vehicles are kept off the streets. He pledged stiffen requirements of annual vehicle inspections.

In 2009, a University of Cuenca air quality survey found that Calle Presidente Cordova between Malo and Padre Aguirre registered the city´s worst air quality. A 2008 World Health Organization report rated Cuenca´s air quality one of the best of Latin American cities with populations of 400,000 or more but noted that the air quality in the historic district was poor, due primarily to bus fumes.


Claiming that too many of Ecuador´s judges are not hard enough on criminals, President Rafael Correa is joining with opposition legislators in the national assembly to push for reform of the country´s judicial system.

“Crime has become the major concern for most Ecuadorians,” the president said in his Saturday radio and television address.

The focus of reform will be in the cities of Guayaquil, Manta and Esmeraldas, which have seen the most dramatic increases in crime, according to National Police statistics. The crime rate has also risen significantly in Quito.

In addition to replacing inefficient and corrupt judges, Correa said that more federal resources must be committed to law enforcement. “We need to improve our crime fighting technology and put more police in the areas where they are needed.”

“Most important, we need judges who are dedicated to protecting the public,” Correa said. “There are too many repeat offenders on the streets. These people need to be incarcerated or monitored.”

Photo caption: President Correa proposes judicial reform



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