Tram project gets green light after original project plans are examined and approved

May 22, 2014

Although there could be short delays to deal with traffic problems caused by construction, Cuenca’s new light rail project will continue as originally planned.
chl tram3
Gerardo Fernández, appointed by new Cuenca Mayor Mercelo Cabrera, said his staff  has reviewed technical reports and planning documents for the Travia de Los Cuatro Rios and found no significant problems. “The project will be maintained in accordance with the original plans,” Fernández says. “We have determined that the tram route is the right one.”

Fernández added that it is too late, at this pont, to consider route changes even if they might be improvements. “Any changes would be very expensive so we will proceed as planned,” he says.

During and after the mayorial campaign in which Cabrera defeated incumbent Paul Granda, Cabrera had said he might make changes to the route.

Cabrera and several assistants will travel to Europe next week to visit UNESCO officials to be briefed on the review process used to approve tram plans. UNESCO, which has designated Cuenca’s historic district as a World Heritage Site, had approved the plans submitted by the Granda administration.

There could be minor changes to plans following the UNESCO visit, Fernández says, but they will not affect route or station locations.


Photo caption: Cuenca’s new Tranvia de los Cuatro Rios