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Cuenca ends support for city beauty pageant

Mayor Pedro Palacios

Joining other cities in Ecuador, Cuenca Mayor Pedro Palacios announced Monday that the city will no longer fund the Queen of Cuenca beauty pageant. “We spend $23,000 to $24,000 a year on the event and I’m sure we can find a more appropriate use for those funds,” he said.

Cuenca joins Quito, Loja, Latacunga and Otavalo in ending support for beauty pageants while several other cities are also reconsidering their position.

Palacios said he welcomes private support for the pageant and said he plans to talk to several companies that have expressed an interest in providing funding. “It is possible the event will continue but it will not be supported by the tax payers.”

11 thoughts on “Cuenca ends support for city beauty pageant

  1. Rats! I was afraid this would turn into a domino effect. The days of pushing through the parasols to glimpse the queen passing by in a parade might be over. Gone would be the thrill of a personal wave and smile, basking in the glory of her beauty, the elegance of her crown and gown.
    I can only hope that the Mayor’s motive for cancelling this event is fiscal responsibility, and not his wife whispering in his ear, ” We don’t need this any more, dear.”

  2. I join the Mayor’s idea in ending support for beauty pageants…
    First of all, that’s a waste of time and money; instead this money can be used for something else, for the same Citizens. To expend $24.000 a year, for a Queen Contest is crazy…
    Second, this Beauty Pageants, only denigrates WOMEN; and uses them as idiots, no more. Showing only that BEAUTY is the most important for a person, which I totally disagree. A Woman is more than a pretty face…and should be treated as that. Not exposing their naked bodies, makes them better than anybody, it’s ridiculous!!
    And in the last Beauty Pageants, the same organizers said that a Beauty Pageant is not about Intelligence, but Beauty; with this then, they using & abusing Women, only to pleasure Men…
    How outrageous is this.
    In my opinion, I support the idea of banning this spectacle from the Cities, and let Women be free…this Beauty Pageant is not even a Tradition of Towns, this is only a stupid contest for stupid people…
    A Woman is more than a beauty contest !!
    Just saying:))

    1. Wow! In the process of defending women, you have called them “stupid” for participating in these events for the purpose of ‘posing naked & pleasuring men”. I am glad I haven’t joined in the frivolity you describe.
      The city was encouraging commerce by funding these functions. This is typical if you have ever seen video of parades in Ecuador or Carnival. Ecuador loves scantily clad females & spray foam. Will you endorse eliminating parades also? Just saying.

      1. Yes, absolutely; they should eliminate any offense to Women. I’m not against Traditional Parades, I love traditions…
        But, that’s not the point Ray, we were talking about Beauty Pageants, and that’s what I don’t like. BTW, I didn’t call Stupid to Women, I just said, people that watch this Contest are Stupid; because this is ridiculous, by showing Women and their Beauty, to win a Crown…when there’s more than Beauty. Plus, if you didn’t know, the people who watches this Contest, the majority are MEN, so how good is this??? Isn’t it denigrating Women, to pleasure Men??? And for proof, here you are Ray, asking me that… how absurd!!
        Perhaps, you love to see Women like that…
        Just saying:))

        1. You stated ” Beauty Pageants, only denigrates WOMEN; and uses them as idiots, no more”. You also said “this is only a stupid contest for stupid people…”. Hence, the people participating are stupid & idiots by your posting. You wording came across poorly.
          I have never attended a beauty pageant or Ecuador parade so don’t attempt to put your vicious attack on me. The only beneficial purpose of these events is for potential modeling or acting employment as a result of the ladies participation. I couldn’t care less weather these functions continue or not. Unfortunately, we live in a carnal world which encourages these things. All you need to do is watch local TV stations to see mindless entertainment(?) with scantily clad women. This is the present world we live in.

    2. Women are the most beautiful thing ever invented. Celebrating the beauty of women is not necessarily demeaning them or treating them as pieces of meat or establishing that the Only important thing about them is their beauty. That’s like saying that the Only value of a kid who wins a spelling bee is that s/he is a good speller. People have been looking at women for a very long time and they are unlikely to stop any time soon. By the way, the majority of viewers of the big beauty pageants are women. Does the city have more important or more beneficial things on which to spend the money? Obviously, yes. Should the city be in the business of sponsoring a beauty pageant? Probably not. We will see if private enterprise is interested in sponsoring such an event. In the meantime, do not expect to see the end of beauty queens any time soon

    1. Got it! Who cares whether women are demeaned as pieces of meat. As long as anything creates a profit, it is morally correct. Are you American perchance?

      1. Exactly, that’s why this stupid Beauty Pageant, should disappear. I’m glad our Mayor no longer will support this idea.
        Whether is a profit or not; the City requires more attention. With that money, we can do other work…and yes, you’re right Globetrotter, WOMEN ARE DEMEANED AS PIECES OF MEAT; you’re said it this Time, thanks 4 that:))

    2. Who cares about money??? Do you really want to know? talk to the Organizers, and let us know the absurdity of this Beauty Pageant, please:)

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