CUENCA EXPAT PROFILESCameron Cayce gave up psychotherapy for astrology

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By Susan Schenck

[Editor’s Note: Cameron Cayce is a former psychotherapist and current massage therapist and astrologer who has lived in Cuenca since 2009. She is available for astrology readings at the contact information at the bottom of this interview.]

Q: What do you offer the Cuenca community in your practice?

A: I’m a professional astrologer/psychotherapist. I offer astrological readings, which include an interpretation of the Natal chart, a Transit chart, and a Solar Return chart.

The Natal, or Birth chart, is determined by the time and place of your birth and is a picture of the positions of the planets in the Zodiac at that time. It shows dynamics of this life's journey. Each planet in the sign, house, and aspects says something about your personality, how you operate in life, what challenges you might encounter, and what talents and attributes you possess that help you meet those challenges.

The Transit chart shows where the planets are now in relation to your Natal chart and is an indication of what is going on in your life at the present time. Each planet moves at its own speed and makes connections with the position of your natal planets, which brings certain energies and events into your life.

The Solar Return is a chart that is constructed at the exact time that the Sun returns to the exact position of the placement in your Natal chart, the exact degree and minute, which may be on the same day as your birthday or it may be a day before or after, depending on the year. This chart is a forecast for the coming year from birthday to birthday and shows where the focus will be that year. I offer all three chart interpretations in a one-hour session.

Q: What got you into the practice of astrology? Who were your mentors? Where did you learn?

A: My interest in astrology began when I was 16. A friend gave me a book called Linda Goodman's Sun Signs and I was hooked. I am mostly a self-taught astrologer, but have learned from many masters, teachers, and guides who influenced my life. I learned by reading books and attending seminars over the course of the next 46 years. I began doing astrology readings professionally in 2005 when I gave up psychotherapy, because I didn’t believe in prescribing medication as the primary treatment for emotional distress. I believe that it is my life purpose to be a spiritual counselor and help people understand their lives on a deeper level of awareness as to how the energies of the universe operate and how it relates to them.

There have been many mentors in my life, namely Robert Hand, Jeffrey Green, and many others who write books and give seminars. I have attended astrology conferences and workshops all over the U.S. and other countries.

Q: Where are you from in the U.S. and what did you do for a living there?

A: I am originally from New York City, but moved to San Francisco when I was 18 in 1968, at the peak of the Haight-Ashbury hippie phenomenon. I have lived in a number of states, but was in South Florida for 28 years before moving to Arizona, where I worked as an astrologer in Sedona. I lived in Connecticut before moving to Ecuador in 2009. I have been a massage therapist for 27 years, as well as a psychotherapist for a period of time in both Florida and Arizona.

Q: Do you run into a lot of skeptics who consider this just “parlor tricks”?

A: Being skeptical is a good thing. I have run into a number of people who were not “believers” before their session, but changed their minds afterwards.

Q: What was the decisive incident when you knew you had talent?

A: I realized that only after I received feedback from a number of clients telling me so. I remember one particular time in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, when I gave a mini-reading of about 15 minutes for a woman who told me that she waited six months for an appointment with a well-known astrologer and paid $500 for a session with him, and she didn’t understand what he was telling her. She said she got more out of 15 minutes with me than she did from him. That was one of those times when I realized that I could help people with my understanding of astrology.

Q: How much do you charge and what is your contact info?

A: I charge $45 for a session, which is about an hour or so in duration. I prepare the charts beforehand, which usually takes a couple of hours, and present the client with the charts and an audio file of the session for them to review afterwards. I also welcome post-session questions if they need further clarification.

I usually do the readings in my home, but can meet people at a different location if that is preferable. I can also do readings over the phone or Skype.

Contact Cameron Kayce: Email:; Ecuador cell: 09-987-4417, U.S. Magic Jack: 203-987-8686.


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