Cuenca expats ‘raise their paws’ to build a new animal shelter; Here’s how you can help

Oct 25, 2022 | 3 comments

Editor’s note: This is the third in a three-part series about a grassroots volunteer project in Cuenca to create the most modern and sustainable animal shelter in Ecuador and address the country’s pain of abused, abandoned and neglected street dogs.

By Rosemary Rein

During the recent “Breakfast for Dogs” event, Kathy and Bob Keel proposed and led the creation of a Benefactor Circle for the project with their donation of $1,000, noting

“With 8,000 gringos in Cuenca alone which includes hundreds of pooch lovers it’s clear that there are easily 63 more gringos that can give $1,000 or more. Of course, smaller donations are equally important. We just need to proceed quickly. Let’s get it done now to save our pooches. Our hearts hurt constantly because they don’t have homes.”

FAAN volunteers take paw prints of our dogs in the shelter to say, Thank You!

 The result was the creation of the “Gold, Silver and Bronze Paws Circle. 

Gold Paws:    $1,000+ donation
Silver Paws:   $  500+   donation
Bronze Paws: $ 100+  donation

We welcome all of you and your lucky pets to join the FAAN family and reach our goal to create this amazing sanctuary for animals by joining the Paws Circle.

PS: If you’re not an animal lover, we know you’re awesome too and maybe you would like a good night sleep without roaming and barking dogs in your neighborhood, knowing there is a safe no-kill shelter and a planned education program that addresses the problem. We know of so many expats who were forced to move, simply because of the noise from dogs left free roaming and to their own devices.  Joining us is a way for you to be part of the solution.

FAAN is looking for donors to build a new animal shelter.

FAAN volunteers take paw prints of our dogs in the shelter to say Thank You!

Here’s how Ecuador’s expats can join the “Paws Golden Circle”
Join the Golden, Silver and Bronze Paws Circle. Become one of our major benefactors with your gift of $100 – $1,000+ and encourage your friends to join you.

Purchase Your Square Meters on the property
We want to include everyone at every level of giving as an owner. Purchase your Square Meters of the property at $5.00 per square meter. Since your pet was lucky to find you, he and/or she can pay it forward to those less fortunate animals in Cuenca. Your pet’s name and yours will be noted and memorialized on your square meters.

Your Financial Donations for the “Paws Circle” or “Square Meters Purchase” can be made to FAAN through PayPal using this email address: or a pick-up arranged in Cuenca.

FAAN is also looking for volunteers to help its mission of rescuing homeless dogs.

Volunteer your skills
Volunteer your talents in writing, photography, social media, website design, fundraising, construction and events. This is where we need all of those talents you brought with you when you moved to Ecuador. From construction work at the existing and new shelter to experience in events and media, there’s a job just waiting for you that can be flexible while providing a rewarding purpose.  Look for our next volunteer events and meet other animal loving expats.

We’re a fun “pack” to hang with while making a difference.

Donate prizes for our Gala Auction
Donate a stay at a vacation destination, airline tickets, art, special services, hotel and/or restaurant gift certificates for our shelter gala auction. Also, Save the date of May 20th for a “Who Let the Dogs Out” gala night to remember.

Adopt & Spend Time with our Dogs:
We have a FAAN volunteer, Jo Austin who is our expert matchmaker for our dog’s forever home with responsible owners. We’re also planning events for those who travel or can’t have dogs in their building to benefit from some pet therapy by spending time in our parks with our dogs who are ready for adoption.

To volunteer, adopt or contribute and become a Paws Circle Member, Write Rosemary or Barry Rein, FAAN Volunteer Liaisons at


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