Cuenca expecting 50,000 tourists over the holiday weekend; Most city hotels report full bookings

Oct 10, 2014

Cuenca tourism officials say they expect 50,000 tourists to visit the city over the three-day Guayaquil independence holiday weekend. They say that all public museums and historic attractions will be open.

The Cuenca Hotel Association says that that most hotels are fully booked and they expect ones that are not to be full Friday and Saturday nights.

Chamber of Tourism president Patricio Miller says the holiday offers Cuenca the opportunity to show off its UNESCO world cultural heritage status. “We are opening our city not only to Ecuadorians but to foreigners as well,” he said. “We invite our guests to visit the various events being offered over the weekend including craft and food fairs and visits to our historic churches.” Among the weekend offerings are walking tours of the historic district and of the domes and underground cemetery at the cathedral.

Miller also suggests visits to craft markets at Rotary and San Franciso Plazas and a visit to the Cuenca overlook at Turi.

Schools, banks and most government offices are closed today.

For an agenda of weekend events, check local newspapers.