Cuenca fire department rescues dogs from local rivers

Oct 21, 2015 | 2 comments

This dog found refuge on a rock in the Yanuncay River and was rescued by firemen

This dog found refuge on a rock in the Yanuncay River and was rescued by a fireman. Photo credit: El Tiempo

Following recent rains, Cuenca’s volunteer fire department has been almost as busy pulling wet dogs from the city’s rivers as putting out fires.

The department says it has rescued nine dogs within the past two weeks in the Tomebamba and Yanuncay Rivers.

The most recent rescues were in the Ucubamba neighborhood where police rescued a dog that climbed onto a rock. Nearby, on Sunday, firemen found three puppies in starvation conditions huddled on a rock, under a ledge on the river bank.

Jorge Hamilton, who helped in the rescues, said there have been a record number of calls recently. “During the dry weather the dogs were accustomed to walking across the rivers,” he said. “After the rains last week, the rivers rose and it became dangerous for them.”

All dogs were taken to a veterinarian who treated and fed the animals. They were then taken to the Feria Libre market to be given away.


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