CUENCA FOOD: Orange Ribs & Wings: Cuenca take on American food

Mar 26, 2013

Note: See the date this article was published. Some things may have changed; for the most up to date information, check out Orange Wings and Ribs Facebook page.

At this fairly recent addition to the Cuenca dining 10584103_413135488825577_6511496107590606298_nscene, the name is in English, the menu is in Spanish, the food is a kind of cross between American and Ecuadorian, and the Cuencano proprietors speak English, just in case you need a little translating of the choices.

Even without much español, you should be able to figure out the menu, which is pretty basic: four salads ($3.99-$4.99), paninis and burgers ($4.50-$5), wings, and ribs, all slathered with your choice of about a dozen different sweet, sour, spicy, smoky, and extreme salsas.

Five wings with one sauce is the low-price deal at $4.75. This meal, and all the others, comes fat crispy fries, shredded carrots (zanahoria), celery stalks (apia), and unique ají — mild, dark, smoky, and great on the apia. From there, the wings on offer go to 100 with five sauces for $88.

Same with the ribs: one rib/one sauce $9 all the way up to 10 ribs/four sauces for $83. These are great big chancho ribs, not wimpy baby-backs or even spare ribs. They’re mighty meaty, tasty, tender, not too fatty, with a mini-cutting board to hack the thing up (nice touch).

As for beverages, water, soda, and jugos are $1-$1.50, Pilsener and Club $1.50-$1.75, and Golden Ale (5%), Stout (5.2%), Pale Ale (5.8%), and Red Ale (6.4%) from Andes Brewing Company are $5.50.

These are gringo prices, no doubt about it (a rib and a beer: $10.74). But if you want as close to American wings and ribs as you’ll come in Cuenca, this is the place to go.

OW&R has a big Facebook presence with photos, superlative reviews (in Spanish), most of the menu, 5,455 likes (as of 5/31/2015), and a nice spread for Andes Brewing Company (click on the photo to link to their own FB page) — obviously very popular with the Cuenca Facebook crowd.

Orange Wings and Ribs is on Avenida Solano 11-83, a few blocks from the Tres Puentes. It’s open Monday-Saturday noon-10 p.m.

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