Cuenca Independence Day Parade

Nov 10, 2016 | 2 comments

The air was filled with the cheers and laughter of celebration as I made my way around the city this past week. There were several parades and many interesting people in the streets of Cuenca.chl brian col logo

As would be expected, it was pure mayhem with many people here on Holiday from Peru, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, USA, Canada and the list goes on. After all, the ideas of fun and happiness reach across all boundaries, they are universally understood.

chl-parade11All ages were there celebrating. I really enjoy photographing the cute kids I see during the holiday but the colorful costumes and skills of the indigenous dancers are amazing.

Camera in hand and without reservations of fear, I waded into the melee when I came upon an event that seemed to have interest.  I had my camera up and working while rubbing elbows and everything else with strangers in the packed crowd. It was a little hard to shoot with all the jostling but I grabbed about a dozen shots. Here they are, I made them just for you and included one from the Corpus Christi holiday.

Of course, I did make a little art while I was there, I’m saving those for another day. Stay tuned…










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