Cuenca officials join expats to celebrate U.S. Veterans Day at San Sebastian Park

Nov 8, 2023 | 0 comments

By Dylan Glad

Veterans Day is a cherished national holiday that honors the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. This year, the Cuenca community will come together on Friday, November 10 at San Sebastian Park to pay tribute to the sacrifices and dedication of U.S. veterans.

Veterans Day is a day to honor the sacrifices and contributions of our veterans. Throughout American history, millions have worn the military uniform, pledging to protect their nation and its values. It serves as a reminder that the freedoms we cherish were safeguarded by these brave individuals who faced the perils of war, endured hardships, and, in many cases, put their lives on the line to preserve our freedom and security.

Another crucial aspect of Veterans Day is its role in fostering national unity and a shared sense of gratitude. Regardless of differences in politics, race, or religion, Veterans Day reminds us that our veterans have fought for a common cause – the safety and prosperity of the United States.

In Cuenca, this celebration receives support and participation from dignitaries from Ecuador, emphasizing international solidarity in honoring those who have served.

The Distinguished Mayor of Cuenca, Doctor Christian Zamora, graces the occasion, symbolizing the strong ties between the United States and Ecuador in recognizing veterans’ sacrifices.

Joining him is the Distinguished Commanding Officer of the Headquarters of the Ecuadorian Army in Cuenca, Third Military Zone, Brigadier General John Miño. His attendance reinforces the significance of honoring those who have dedicated themselves to the service of their countries, transcending borders, and cultures. Providing music for the event is the Ecuadorian Army Band from the Third Military Zone.

Adding a touch of elegance to the event, the Queen of Cuenca, Miss Serina Maldonado, symbolizes the community’s appreciation and respect for veterans. Her presence reflects the unity between the people and their leaders in recognizing the sacrifices made by veterans.

Behind the scenes, two dedicated veterans, Clarke Brown, a US Air Force veteran, and Pat Vintimilla, an Ecuadorian-born US Marine Corps veteran, have tirelessly organized the event with the assistance of other veterans. Their commitment exemplifies the true spirit of Veterans Day, showcasing the importance of honoring and appreciating our veterans and promoting mental health awareness and support for them.

Furthermore, Veterans Day serves as a day to reflect on the broader implications of war and peace, motivating us to strive for peaceful solutions to global problems. It encourages dialogue, diplomacy, and understanding as alternatives to military action while honoring the sacrifices made by those who had no choice but to serve in times of conflict.

Veterans Day is a day of immense significance as it allows us to honor the sacrifices of our veterans, promote national unity, acknowledge the contributions of military families, and raise awareness about the challenges faced by veterans. It reminds us of the value of service, the importance of supporting those who have served, and the enduring need for peace in our world. This year’s celebration in Cuenca, graced by dignitaries and organized by devoted veterans, embodies the true spirit of Veterans Day. It is a day of unity, honor, and heartfelt gratitude for those who have selflessly served their country.


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